Vacuum pump in demineralized brine

Vacuum pump in dechlorination of fresh brine of application

The free chlorine must be removed before the salt water returns to the salt water. In the production of chlorine-alkali, the method of dechlorination with rotary vacuum pump is usually used to remove chloride ions from the fresh brine. The operation of vane vacuum pump will directly affect the removal effect of chlorine. Therefore, vane vacuum pump is at the core of the process of dechlorination in fresh brine.

In the process of ion membrane caustic soda production, after the refined saturated brine enters the electrolytic cell, part of NaC1 in the brine is electrolyzed, and the content of NaC1 in the brine is reduced from about 315g/L to 200~220g/L, becoming a light brine with lower concentration. In this case, the anode chamber of the electrolytic cell continues to discharge the fresh brine.

Rotary-vane vacuum pump for the two-stage structure, its working performance levels by high pressure and low pressure of two parts, its suction connected to the vacuum equipment, when operating the gas container will be a lot of suction and discharge, when the equipment for vacuum, high pressure stage exhaust valve closed, high level suction gas will be transferred to the second, and the secondary suction and discharge, the vacuum device can obtain a certain vacuum, the technical parameters of the pump 6 x 10-2, the pump and motor shaft, high speed, small appearance, compact structure, liquidity work convenient, use metal blade, apply to the backing pump of diffusion pump, form a complete set of precision instruments and laboratory, Pharmaceutical, food packaging, electronics and other units.

Dechlorination of salt water is used in rotary vacuum pump

Vacuum pump in demineralized brine

Rotary vane vacuum pump of technical characteristics

1. The rotary vacuum pump has a large volume of air extraction, which can form a vacuum quickly

2. Simple structure, reliable and stable performance

3. Work safety

4. Easy operation and maintenance, saving spare parts cost and maintenance labor cost

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