Vacuum pump in food industry

There are many foods that are not suitable for vacuum packaging. They must be packed by vacuum expansion. For example, crisp food, agglomerated food, deformed greasy food, sharp edges or high hardness food will pierce the packaging bag, etc. after vacuum ventilation packaging, the air pressure inside the bag is greater than that outside the bag. It can effectively prevent food from breaking and deformation, and does not affect the appearance of packaging bags and printing decoration. Vacuum inflatable packaging is to use nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen single gas or two or three gases mixed into the water ring vacuum pump.

Nitrogen is an inert gas, which fills the bag and keeps positive pressure to prevent air outside the bag from entering the bag and plays a maintenance role for food. Its carbon dioxide can be dissolved in various fats or water, resulting in weak acidity of carbonate, which has the activity of inhibiting fungi, corrosive bacteria and other microorganisms. Its oxygen content can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, adhere to the novelty and color of fruits and vegetables, and high oxygen content can produce new ones. Under its working pressure, the water ring vacuum pump shall be able to discharge all gases generated in the process of vacuum equipment. Understand the composition of the extracted gas. The gas does not contain condensable steam, particle dust, corrosion, etc. When choosing a vacuum pump, it is necessary to know the gas composition and choose a suitable pump for the extracted gas.

If the gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gas, auxiliary equipment such as condenser and dust remover shall be installed in the air inlet pipe of the pump. What is the effect of oil vapor discharged from water ring vacuum pump on the environment? If the environment is not allowed to be polluted, you can choose oil-free vacuum pump or exhaust the oil vapor to the outdoor. Whether the vibration of the water ring vacuum pump during operation has an impact on the process and environment. If it is not allowed, non vibration pump shall be selected or anti vibration measures shall be taken. Vacuum pump price, operation and maintenance costs.


Requirements for oil pollution of vacuum equipment. If the equipment is strictly oil-free, various oil pumps shall be selected. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose to have oil pump, plus some measures to prevent oil pollution, such as adding cold trap, baffle, oil collector, etc., which can also meet the requirements of vacuum cleaning.

The vacuum packaging of water ring vacuum pump is a method to put the articles into the sealed container. Before sealing the container, the vacuum pumping system is used to make the sealed container completely free of air. This kind of packaging can prevent moisture from entering the packaging container, and also can avoid the moisture in the sealed moisture-proof packaging and the dew when the temperature drops.

The water ring vacuum pump adopts the vacuum packaging mode, and attention should be paid to prevent excessive vacuum. Ordinary grains and processed products can be packed in vacuum. Vacuum packaging can not only prevent or reduce the oxidation, discoloration and taste of grain, but also inhibit the growth of some fungi and bacteria.

The vacuum packaging of water ring vacuum pump not only controls the external temperature and sterility, but also controls the gas environment suitable for grain to achieve the ideal fresh-keeping purpose. The main methods are mechanical extrusion and suction pipe degassing. Water ring vacuum pump, in any way, is to take air out of the packaging bag, and then heat seal. Its main characteristics are: reducing the oxygen content in the bag, inhibiting the growth and development of fungi and bacteria, controlling the deterioration of grain, and achieving the purpose of preservation and quality. In addition, after vacuum packaging, it can also resist mechanical pressure and reduce vibration, which is conducive to long-distance transportation and sales. The main function of water ring vacuum pump is not only to protect oxygen and quality, but also to protect pressure, gas and freshness. It can keep the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value of food for a long time.

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