Dry screw vacuum pump in the treatment of corporate water pollution

Dry screw vacuum pump in water pollution control of practical application

Water is the source of life, it moistens all things, feeding life. With the continuous progress of the society and the continuous development of the medical industry, the problem of water pollution is becoming more and more serious, even to the point of unjustifiable. Pharmaceutical and chemical pollution is difficult to control and control, easy to cause environmental pollution, because the equipment to reduce pollution is expensive, is the pain of ordinary enterprises can not bear, so the environmental pollution of pharmaceutical and chemical industry is now a difficult problem in environmental improvement. However, dry screw vacuum pump can help you solve this problem, dry screw vacuum pump in the treatment of water pollution in the practical application of enterprises, not only the price is not high, and the performance is also very good.

Paper industry is the traditional water consumption, but also one of the important sources of water pollution. With the development of economy, the enterprise is becoming more and more by the problem of water shortage, the lack of raw materials, on the other hand, water pollution is becoming more and more serious, at present our country papermaking wastewater and COD emissions to lead us all kinds of industrial emissions, papermaking industry water pollution is most serious, it is not only the problem of water pollution prevention and control of the first, are the primary problem of industrial waste water for treatment.

So, what are the advantages of the dry screw vacuum pump?

Dry screw vacuum pump of advantages

1. Anti-corrosion coating is provided on the surface of working cavity and screw rotor, which can adapt to harsh working conditions

2. The gas is not compressed in the pump, so it is suitable to extract condensable gas

3, no oil consumption, no leakage

4. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

5. The pumped gas is directly discharged from the pump body, which does not pollute water and has no environmental protection pressure, making gas recovery more convenient.

Wastewater treatment facilities of selection

The choice of process scheme for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities, to ensure the treatment effect and reduce the operation cost of the facilities play a most important role, so you need to combine design scale, the water quality characteristics of wastewater and the local actual conditions and requirements, a feasible technical, economic and reasonable processing technology, the comprehensive technical and economic analysis after optimization, the best overall technical scheme and implementation method in wastewater treatment facilities in determining the overall process, follow the following principles:

1. The selected process must have advanced and mature technology, strong adaptability to water quality changes, and stable operation, so as to ensure that the effluent water quality meets the requirements of the factory use standards and the national wastewater discharge standards
2. The selected process should reduce capital investment and operating costs, save floor space and reduce energy consumption
3. The selected process shall be easy to operate, flexible to run and easy to manage. According to the quantity of inlet water, the process parameters and operation should be adjusted appropriately
4, the selected process should be easy to achieve automatic control, improve the level of operation management.
5. The selected process shall minimize the adverse impact on the surrounding environment (odor, noise, aerosol, etc.).

In recent years, with the national attention to environmental protection, as well as the pharmaceutical, chemical industry technology improvement, enterprises on the vacuum pump requirements are higher and higher. Screw vacuum pump completely eliminate the pollution of waste water, and stable performance, solvent can be fully recovered, is the future vacuum market main force. Dry screw vacuum pump in the treatment of water pollution in the actual application of enterprises, nothing more than for the pressure of environmental protection, the choice of no waste water pollution of dry screw pump relative to the treatment of waste water investment is less, in addition to high vacuum, or solvent recovery, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Dry screw vacuum pump in the treatment of corporate water pollution

Dry screw vacuum pump in the treatment of corporate water pollution

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