roots vacuum pumps of bitumen production plant

Pitch roots vacuum pump factory price direct roots vacuum pump is a positive displacement cam rotor pump. Power is transmitted to the gear through the shaft. A pair of synchronous gears drive the pump blades to do differential synchronous rotation movement, which divides the pump working chamber into suction area (low pressure area) and discharge area (high pressure area). With the rotation of the pump, the medium is continuously sucked in from the low-pressure area and discharged in the high-pressure area, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying medium.

roots vacuum pumps of bitumen production plant

Roots vacuum pump is a horizontal vacuum pump. Two 8-shaped pumps rotate relatively in the working room.
Roots vacuum pump material: cast iron, stainless steel, copper pump blade.

Suitable media of Roots vacuum pump: sauce, rose sauce, instant noodle sauce, diesel oil, engine oil, petroleum, toothpaste, edible oil, heavy oil, gasoline, solvent oil, kerosene, asphalt, condensation.

The heat preservation roots vacuum pump is suitable for conveying the medium which is easy to condense at normal temperature.

Pitch roots vacuum pump factory direct selling advantages: low speed, high efficiency, small volume, large flow, low power consumption, strong self-priming ability, easy to use, and need to draw oil. It can be reversed.

roots vacuum pumps

Roots vacuum pump operation and maintenance instructions

1. Start
After the new pump is installed, add 20 or 40 mechanical oil to the gearbox and reducer before starting up. Before start-up, check all pipe flanges and joints for tightness. The pump should be filled with liquid before starting. Before start-up, fully open the valves in the suction and discharge pipelines, and do not close the valve to start.

2. Moving
Pay attention to the temperature of bearing and pump body. If the sound of pump and motor is abnormal, stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate the fault.

3. Parking
After closing the motor, it has the inlet and outlet valve ports which can close the pump. Do not close the outlet valve before shutdown, otherwise the pump is easy to be damaged. When transporting heavy oil, asphalt and other viscous media, if it is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned with thin oil in time after shutdown, so as to avoid being unable to start the machine after the grease congeals.

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