Vacuum pump of small milking machine

Vacuum pump for small milking machine of maintenance

Parts can be damaged for the following reasons.

Unskillful steering mechanism. The basic principle of the steering mechanism is to realize the steering smoothly by pulling the steering handle to separate the unilateral driving force and applying the braking action of the shoe brake. In operation, there is a separation and then braking process when pulling the steering handle. It is suggested that there should be a time stop from the separation of the control handle to the beginning of the braking. The braking action should be gentle and the amplitude should not be too large, nor should it be in place. Do not repeatedly large speed and continuous control of the steering handle, which is the biggest damage to the clutch.

Vacuum pump of small milking machine

The steering rod is not properly adjusted and the brake rod is too short, which may cause the phenomenon that the brake is not separated or separated thoroughly. At this point should be adjusted as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause early damage to the left and right 6 bearings and brakes.

Wheat yield is low, the unit travel speed is too fast, the inertia force is big when braking.

Frequent small turns in the plot and excessive heat generated by turning square parts, heating up too fast, are also the main reasons for the failure. Therefore, for more than 90 turns, it is recommended to use the steering clutch to separate the unilateral power to implement the large turn; For bends less than or equal to 90, it is recommended to reverse first and then advance. In the harvest process, try to create conditions to turn a big turn, less small turn; The small plot and the long plot adopt the way of turning the big bend transverse blank operation without harvesting, in order to maximize the time interval between two braking operations. Test efficiency, shorten its working life.

Vacuum pump is the power component of the whole milking system, its performance directly affects the milking machine to keep the vacuum tank and the filter screen of voltage regulator clean. The vacuum pump must not have any minor impact, or even cause damage. The vacuum tank is the main channel for debris to enter, so it must be cleaned after each milking. Next milking before also pay attention to, if there is debris into, also need to wipe again. The filter screen of vacuum voltage regulator should be cleaned regularly to keep clean and ensure normal operation of vacuum voltage regulator.

Must not be in the vacuum voltage regulator without filter under the condition of starting, otherwise it will make the sundry air into the vacuum pump. In case of emergency, the machine must be shut down immediately, and the vacuum tank and rubber vacuum tube shall be flushed, otherwise the motor will be burnt out.

Timely replacement of rubber seals. Rubber seals on vacuum tanks will suffer from different degrees of aging and deformation after continuous use for half a year. Users can replace them according to the actual situation.

Always check the belt. The belt wheels of the motor and vacuum pump have been strictly debugged before leaving the factory, which can ensure that the motor and vacuum pump belt wheels are on the same plane, so the user should not disassemble them at will. In the use of the process should often check, the belt, to see whether wear or too loose, if too loose to tensioning, if wear is serious need to replace, otherwise it will cause vacuum pump vacuum degree decline or instability, milking performance affected.

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