Cone Two Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump in power plant

As a very important auxiliary equipment of power plant, vacuum pump is widely used in every link of power plant. Liquid ring vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump, oil pump, etc. the operation state of these auxiliary machines is not only related to the safety of the power plant, but also plays an important role in the economic operation and energy saving of the power plant!

AT / TC series conical two-stage water ring vacuum pump is the most advanced liquid ring vacuum pump in the world, which has been widely used in key projects at home and abroad. The conical secondary water ring vacuum pump has the following technical advantages:

1. Adopt two-stage design, small compression ratio, low temperature rise in high vacuum area, which can effectively prevent cavitation.

2. Due to the special design of the cone structure, the intake and exhaust channels of the vacuum pump are large, which allows more liquid to be entrained in the extracted gas. Therefore, it is allowed to set up atomizing and condensing nozzles at the inlet of the vacuum pump to pre cool the gas at the suction of the vacuum pump, cool off most of the water vapor, so as to improve the air pumping capacity of the vacuum pump.

3. It can effectively prevent the rise of condenser back pressure. When the condenser encounters an unexpected situation, when the leakage increases, the back pressure of the condenser increases, and then the gas temperature at the suction port of the vacuum pump increases. At this time, the temperature difference between the gas inhaled by the vacuum pump and the spray water in the nozzle increases, and the spray effect of the nozzle is better. More water vapor can be condensed, so as to improve the amount of dry air drawn.

4. The exhaust port of the two-stage cone vacuum pump is at the lower part of the pump, so the impeller is inclined to the lower part of the pump, and the liquid level is low when it is still, so the starting current is small.

5. The impeller is stronger. The air inlet and exhaust port of the cone vacuum pump are designed on the cone. The cone is deep into the pump body, and the whole impeller is casted at one time, and the end of the impeller is reinforced in the ring, which makes the impeller structure very firm. It is this kind of structure that can effectively resist the damage of water hammer and metal contained in working fluid.

6. The bearing capacity of the shaft is small. The exhaust port is at the lower part of the pump. When the gas is compressed, the direction of the compression force is from the bottom to the top, which can offset part of the impeller’s self weight. Therefore, the shaft bears the least force and the bearing life is longer

7. Obvious energy saving effect. The inlet of the cone pump can be allowed to add a condensing nozzle, and cooling water can be used to cool a large number of inhaled steam, which actually improves the pumping capacity of the pump, and correspondingly can handle more dry air, thus effectively improving the vacuum degree of the condenser. The work of steam turbine in power plant is directly related to the back pressure of condenser. Generally, the generating power of steam turbine can be increased by 1% when the back pressure of condenser is reduced by 1kPa. If it is a 300MW steam turbine unit, the output of 3000kW can be increased. Without any increase in investment and consumption, this is a very considerable number, and the economic benefit is self-evident.

In recent years, the AT / TC series conical secondary water ring vacuum pump is widely used in the energy-saving transformation technology of power industry.


Cone Two Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump in power plant

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