Vacuum pump products

The company’s main products are: 2be, 2BV, SK, 2SK, DLV liquid ring vacuum pump and liquid ring compressor series, 2x rotary vane vacuum pump series, specializing in the design and production of jzj roots 2BV, SK, 2x liquid ring, rotary vane – vacuum unit, the unit material is exquisite, reasonable mechanism, stable operation, and provide users with different materials of vacuum pump products and accessories!

Vacuum pump product description

The operation of general vacuum pump equipment is relatively simple, most of the normal production process do not need too much manual operation, if the operator found the vacuum pump has an abnormal situation, in order to prevent the accident, should immediately cut off the power supply, timely repair. In the use process, should avoid direct sunlight, away from the heat source body. Daily work should be done to maintain the equipment, keep no dust, no debris, prevent debris into the vacuum pump.

I. when the vacuum pump is in normal operation, spot check the following contents every three days:

A. Is the vacuum pump oil within the range of the cursor

B. Whether the oil of the vacuum pump turns yellow, black and cloudy

C. whether there is abnormal sound

D. whether there is oil leakage during the operation of the vacuum pump

If the vacuum pump filters the metal mesh, it should be opened and cleaned every week to deal with filtering sundries. The filter can not filter the sundry is to replace the filter, sealed gasket.

Iii. Instructions for regular equipment maintenance:

Vacuum pump oil as pump operation is bad, so the need to find out through the oil window of the degree of dirt and viscosity, and timely replacement of pump oil. Replacement of vacuum pump oil cycle: oil change every six months to clean. Vacuum pump oil replacement steps are as follows:

A. open the suction tube of the vacuum pump and start it running after 5 seconds. The remaining vacuum pump oil in the pump can be easily removed.

B. First remove the exhaust pipe, open the oil valve, and then pour out the vacuum pump oil

C. Close the drain valve and inject the new vacuum pump oil from the oil port

D. If the pollution of vacuum pump oil is very serious, some new vacuum pump oil must be added and cleaned through several minutes of operation. If the cleaning is not in place, it must be cleaned repeatedly

E. After replacing the new vacuum pump oil, the vacuum pump should be started up and running, and the ultimate vacuum pressure should be confirmed after the temperature rises

F. Filter screen shall be cleaned during maintenance

Iv. Operating instructions:

(1) the vacuum pump produces high temperature (40 ° -80 ° c) during long operation. Therefore, after operation or just stopped operation, the surface shall not be touched until the motor and pump body are cooled to normal temperature

(2) in case of emergency during work, immediately turn off the main power supply and solve the warranty

(3) if the equipment is abnormal, it should immediately stop operation, strong irrigation is prohibited, and continue to work with the disease

(4) non-maintenance personnel are prohibited from disassembling vacuum pump parts

(5) the cloth strips and scraps used in the maintenance equipment shall be placed in the designated stacking place to prevent sundries from entering the vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump products

Vacuum pump products

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