Vacuum pump used in pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry and biomedical engineering industry are the two pillars of modern pharmaceutical industry. The biomedical industry consists of the biotechnology industry and the pharmaceutical industry.Biomedical engineering is the integrated application of the principle and method of life science and engineering science, from the perspective of engineering at the molecular, cell, tissue, organ and even the entire human body system multi-level knowledge structure, function and other life phenomena of the body, research for disease prevention and auxiliary cure, body function and health care of artificial materials, products, equipment and system, the floorboard of the technology.

Pharmaceutical industry

There are four types or combinations of pharmaceutical manufacturers: bulk products, semi-finished products, active ingredients and FDA-approved pharmaceutical products. Bulk drugs and semi-finished products are usually made by fine chemical companies.

So do you know how a simple drug is made?
It involves a wide range of levels, such as: crystallization, distillation, extraction, sublimation, drying, deodorization, degidation, crystallization/vaporization, polymerization, vacuum evaporation, negative pressure filtration, monomer recovery, adsorption/desorption, material transport and so on.

1.  Dry

Drying is a low cost, relatively low temperature treatment process in which the biological or active ingredients are not damaged/degraded/oxidized by the evaporation of liquid from the solid by reducing the vacuum. Dry medical products, remove solvents and water, etc. After drying, what is left is a granular preparation that is pressed into tablets.The remaining moisture level is low, which can prolong the storage life of the product.

2. Reproduction/reactor drying

Reactors are used in the fine chemical, medical and aromatic industries. Reduce/control reaction temperature, remove reactants, reduce cost and improve product quality through vacuum installation.


Distillation is the separation of two or more layers or parts that have different temperatures, pressures, compositions, and phases. As the distillation column becomes more balanced, the parts have different concentrations and can be separated from the mixed species.The distillation column provides air pressure to separate the different components of the liquid by varying the vacuum and temperature.
During distillation, vacuum equipment is required to remove non-condensable substance, water, and light hydrocarbons from the system, allowing the feedstock to be treated through the distillation column for separation.Condenses the gas discharged from the top of the distillation column, returns the liquid to the distillation column for partial separation, and is typically used for fatty acids, glycerol hydrochloric acid, vitamins (A, E), oils, fats, paraffins, insecticides and plasticizers.



Degassing is the removal of dissolved or retained gases from a liquid or product.Vacuum pumps can remove gases from liquids, improve their physical properties, improve product quality for further treatment, and avoid cross contamination or corrosion.
Here is a simple list of uses:
Degassing oil to improve purity (hydrocarbon oil, insulation oil, turbine oil, brake fluid and hydraulic brake oil, etc.)
Degassing gels, ointments and paints to remove excess gas that may harden or degrade product quality
The polymer is degassed in the extruder to achieve higher product quality or to obtain bubble-free parts
Degassing for medicine, food and water in boilers

5. Crystallization/vaporization

Crystallization is the evaporation and cooling of an oversaturated liquid to form crystals.These crystals are easy to carry, store and sell.For this application, vacuum pumps can be used to control the rate of evaporation and cooling at all pressure ranges, reducing production costs by reducing the boiling point of liquids.
These applications include:
Production of ammonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide, etc
Crystal sugar, salt, naphthalene, aniline, urea, calcium sulphate, potassium carbonate, amino acid, penicillin, and antibiotics


The above mentioned production process, all need to be carried out in a vacuum environment, complete the above process, can not do without vacuum pump. EVP Vacuum pump has a very good application in pharmaceutical industry, can meet your different needs, here recommended rotary vane vacuum pump.
So what are the advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump in the pharmaceutical industry?
1. The ultimate vacuum degree of rotary vane vacuum pump is 50Pa, which can meet the requirements of vacuum degree in different stages.
2. Simple and compact structure. Easy to install and disassemble, very suitable for use in medical places, the site requirements are small.
3. Rotary vane vacuum pump operation is very stable and reliable, the maintenance rate is very low, the maintenance is convenient, greatly saving the follow-up work due to maintenance, thus greatly improving the productivity.
4. Multiple sets can be used together, with PLC electric control and related valve pipeline, automatic opening and closing can be achieved.

SV Rotary vane vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 50-200pa, and the capacity is 8m3/h-300m3/h.

SV Rotary vane vacuum pump

For over 25 years, EVP has provided the pharmaceutical industry with cost-effective vacuum pumps and vacuum systems. Our products require minimal maintenance to keep your processes running smoothly even under the industry’s demanding conditions. We will continue to offer innovative solutions that further improve reliability while increasing your energy efficiency and profitability.
Do you need more reliable performance and energy savings? You need EVP.

EVP Vacuum has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, please feel free to communicate any questions.

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