Vacuum pumps are used for vacuum evaporation in salt works

Vacuum salt production is a modern salt production method widely used in the world at present.

Vacuum salt production refers to a modern salt production method in which brine evaporates in the evaporation tank group under different “vacuum” states. Due to the difference in pressure drop between the tanks, the boiling point is formed, so that the heat is transferred successively, and the “secondary steam” can be used for many times.This method has the advantages of high degree of mechanization and automation, less heat energy consumption and low production cost.

The whole vacuum salt production is divided into brine treatment, evaporation salt production, dehydration and drying, packaging and storage of four major processes.

Vacuum salt production

Brine treatment methods are different due to different brine sources, and the process of brine treatment is generally divided into dosing mixing and precipitation treatment.
Evaporation process is the main process of vacuum salt production.In evaporation in production, the output of the secondary steam, and contains a large number of latent heat, so should be recycled to use, if the access to the secondary steam heating of the evaporator chamber, as long as the operating pressure and operating pressure in the liquid boiling point lower than the original evaporator and the boiling point, then pass into the secondary steam still can have heating effect, the operation mode for multiple effect evaporation.Each evaporator in the multi-effect evaporation is called a single effect.The evaporator that passes through the heating steam is called the first effect, the evaporator that uses the second steam of the first effect as the heating agent is called the second effect, and so on.
The main process is that steam heats the first effect brine, the second effect steam heats the next effect brine step by step, and the last effect secondary steam is condensed away by water in the condenser.

The dehydration and drying process is mainly to concentrate the salt slurry in the centrifuge dehydration to about 60%~70%, water to get about 3% of the wet salt.
Mother liquor is returned to the evaporation tank.The wet salt passes through the dryer (generally the boiling dryer), contacts with the hot air, makes most of the moisture evaporate, and gets the dry salt with the moisture content less than 0.5%.Add anti-caking additive to dry inlet.
Drying with belt conveyor and packing or storing in bulk separately with scales.This process is generally divided into transport, measurement, packaging three links.

vacuum evaporation in salt works

Salt is not only an essential nutrient and seasoning in human life, but also the basic raw material of chemical industry.Therefore, salt industry plays an important role in various fields of the national economy, and vacuum salt production is widely used in the world at present, and improving the production capacity of vacuum salt production plays a pivotal role in salt industry.

Shanghai EVP has a very good application in the vacuum salt industry, and designs suitable vacuum products according to the on-site use of customers.
The following is the inquiry we have received from our customers:

Inlet pressure: 58 mm Hg ABS.
Working liquid water temperature: 30 C
Pumping speed: 6000m3/h
Intake temperature: 40C

According to the above parameters, we choose 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump for our customers.

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 33hpa, and the gas volume is 246m3/h-9450m3/h.

2BE liquid ring vacuum pump

We can also pump a larger speed vacuum pump, such as our 2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum is 33hpa, and the gas volume is 4200m3/h-62400m3/h

2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump

We can also provide vacuum units to meet customers’ higher vacuum requirements, common Roots-liquid ring vacuum unit, which can achieve 0.5-300Pa limit vacuum!

EVP Vacuum has extensive experience in the vacuum evaporation industry, please feel free to communicate any questions.

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