Vacuum system for central gas supply in hospitals

How does the vacuum system apply to the centralized air supply in hospitals?

How does the vacuum system apply to the centralized air supply in hospitals? This topic is attached great importance to the medical enterprises, small makeup to explain to you. The hospital’s medical gas supply system, also known as the life support system, is used to sustain the lives of critically ill patients, promote their recovery, and drive various medical treatment tools. The construction content of medical gas in the hospital is as follows: oxygen supply and application system; Vacuum suction supply and application system; Compressed air supply and application systems; Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide supply, and application system for clean operation; Clean the anesthesia exhaust system of the surgical department. According to our investigation, most of the medical gas projects in the hospitals that have been built in China are basically unqualified or waste products and the situation is grim. Therefore, it is necessary to re-plan and adopt new vacuum equipment.

What are the application characteristics of the Guangdong vacuum system in centralized air supply in hospitals?

The installation and test scheme of the vacuum system in the centralized air supply in the hospital can guarantee the large-scale production test and meet the ISO7396 installation standard and the national installation standard. Pronk products cover the complete solution of the hospital gas distribution system, ensuring that the high voltage bus, regulators, accessories, alarm systems, ball valves, globe valves, pressure gauges, outlet terminals, etc. all comply with European regulations. The vacuum system provides the hospital with a medical air source. The main function is to reduce the pressure level of the high-pressure cylinder so that it can be used safely in the hospital pipeline. The vacuum system must meet strict medical installation standards and ensure the safety of all patients in the hospital. The emergency stop valve system provides isolation piping distribution system maintenance, repair, including future planned extensions to facilitate periodic testing. The medical gas terminal can quickly and conveniently connect the hospital ward gas equipment to the air source of the hospital. The type of medical gas terminal depends on each country’s national standard.

The central vacuum system of application

To provide customers with the vacuum requirements of specific industry manufacturers, the design of the central vacuum centralized air supply system, the basic architecture is the use of a multi-vacuum pump, and one or more vacuum pump storage tanks, plus a central power controller integrated vacuum control system.

The vacuum system has the following advantages:

1. The vacuum degree can be adjusted freely and controllable, and the system can be automatically controlled and operated without human operation.

2. Centralized supply of vacuum pressure to avoid power waste, easy maintenance.

3. Maintain good extraction speed and stable vacuum pressure.

4. Reduce the high maintenance cost caused by a single vacuum pump.

5. Save space and keep the worksite tidy.

How does the vacuum system apply to the centralized air supply in hospitals?

The vacuum system for centralized air supply in hospitals is suitable for the following industries:

With the gradual promotion of the hospital oxygen collection system, the stable vacuum pressure suction system has replaced the traditional mechanical suction equipment in many hospitals cooperating with our company. The vacuum suction system has a wide range of applications and is easy to operate, which not only improves the ward environment and reduces the physical labor of medical staff, but also improves the curative effect by continuously using the suction force at any time. The central vacuum suction system is suitable for inpatient wards, especially for operating rooms, custody units and first-aid rooms.

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Vacuum system for central gas supply in hospitals

Vacuum system for central gas supply in hospitals

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