Vacuum system for dust treatment

Vacuum system in dust control of application

The vacuum system can collect, separate and sweep dust that has been suspended in the air in granaries and processing plants.

Vacuum system for dust treatment

During the storage, loading and unloading, transportation and processing of grain, explosive and dangerous environment of grain dust may occur or occur. This kind of explosive environment is caused by the continuous or long-term appearance of a large number of flour, sugar powder, soybean powder and other food dust in the normal operation, and its concentration reaches a certain degree, it is easy to ignite, leading to the explosion. Moreover, the food explosion is a distributed multi-point explosion with great control and harm. For the application of vacuum system in dust control, small series will be for everyone to analyze.

Types of grain dust explosion:

1. All grain and food dust and grain deeply processed product dust can cause dust explosion. The grain dust in the explosion includes the grain products processed into powder and the associated dust generated in the process of grain processing, storage and transportation.

2. Food products processed into powder

A, corn starch, flour, soybean powder, soybean powder, mung bean powder

3. Grain products for further processing

B, milk powder, sugar, glucose powder, protein powder, lotus root powder, bean milk powder, etc

4, feed

C. mixed nutrient feed, fish bone meal, etc

5. Grain is accompanied by dust

D. Corn dust, wheat dust, barley dust, malt dust, oat dust, soybean dust, etc.

Vacuum system in food industry of application:

1. Grain dust cleaning

Grain storage dust; The grain dust produced in the process of making the grain from the original grain and the semi-finished grain through the specific technology; Clean up common dust generated in daily production.

2. Food collection

Mainly refers to the grain storage (warehouse, warehouse, turning over) dust; Collection and transfer of wheat, corn, rice, soybean, and its work-in-process, semi-finished and finished products in the production process.

The vacuum system for dust control is designed for special equipment for grain. Dongguan puno vacuum technology co., LTD. Has a unique design in the field of grain storage, transportation and processing.

Four basic requirements for vacuum systems

Obtain the required limit vacuum and working vacuum degree in the extracted device or the working room. The ultimate vacuum degree refers to the vacuum degree reached by the device when there is no air leakage. The working vacuum degree refers to the vacuum degree maintained by the device when it is vacuum treated. In vacuum treatment, a large amount of gas is often released, and the working vacuum will be significantly lower than the limit vacuum.

The time required to obtain a certain work vacuum. This time depends on the speed of the vacuum system. Increasing pumping speed can shorten this time. Large studios, such as aerospace simulators, clearly require large pumping speeds. Sometimes the studio is not big, but due to serious air leakage, the vacuum system also needs a large pumping speed, otherwise a lot of air leakage will greatly reduce the vacuum degree, so that the system can not work.

Suitable residual gas composition in the extracted device or the working room. Practice has proved that it is not enough to simply improve and guarantee the limit vacuum degree and working vacuum degree.

In addition, the vacuum system must be simple in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in operation and maintenance, and cheap in price. To meet these requirements, the selection of vacuum pump, the determination of pipeline size and layout, assembly process and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.

Vacuum system in grain storage, flour processing, wheat screening, milling, granary, silo, soybean processing, bean cleaning, bean rake cleaning, bran cleaning and other occasions to use the effect is very good, has been successfully applied in a number of top 100 grain and oil processing enterprises, users have been unanimous praise. If you still have any questions about the application of vacuum system in dust treatment, please visit our official website, which will have detailed information about vacuum system.

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