Vacuum system in electronic chemicals

Vacuum system in electronic chemicals of application

Electronic chemicals are high-tech products that combine electronic materials and fine chemicals. Electronic chemicals and downstream components are the foundation and forerunners of the electronic information industry, at the front end of the electronic information industry chain, and the basis for the development of terminal products in the fields of information communication, consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive electronics, energy-saving lighting, industrial control, aviation and aerospace, military industry, etc. Because of its importance, in order to produce electronic chemicals better and faster, the high-tech industry consulted our company and suggested the application of vacuum system in electronic chemicals.

Vacuum system in electronic chemicals

With the development of technological innovation, electronic chemicals have been applied in many fields, including national economy and national defense. It is impossible to make high performance electronic components without high quality electronic chemicals. Electronic chemicals determine or affect the development and progress of downstream and terminal industries to a certain extent, which is of great significance to the upgrading of domestic industrial structure, national economy and national defense construction.

Vacuum system

There are three types of vacuum system:

1. Low vacuum system

2. Medium vacuum system

(1) by roots pump main pump series mechanical pump system;

(2) by the oil booster pump main pump series mechanical pump system;

By roots pump series small roots pump, and then series mechanical pump system.

3. High vacuum system

(1) mainly by the diffusion pump pump series roots pump, and then series mechanical pump system;

(2) by the diffusion pump main pump series mechanical pump and constitute the vacuum system;

(3) by the diffusion pump main pump series oil booster pump, and then series mechanical pump and constitute a vacuum system.

Several common ultra-high vacuum systems

1. Diffusion pump series mechanical pump series cold trap system

2. Vacuum system of turbine molecular pump series mechanical pump

3. Sputter ion pump oil free ultra-high vacuum system

4. Cryogenic pump oil free ultra-high vacuum system

5. Combination of ultra-high vacuum system

Characteristics of vacuum system application in electronic chemicals

1) variety, specificity, professional span

Electronic chemical specification is various, can be divided into the semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, chemical intermediates, capacitor, battery chemicals, electronic industrial plastic chemicals, electronic industrial coatings, printing materials, high purity elemental, photoelectric materials, alloy materials, corrosion materials, insulation materials, special gases, electronic industrial rubber, piezoelectric and acousto-optic crystal materials, liquid crystal materials, printed circuit board materials such as a dozen large categories, each categories can be divided into several subclasses, according to incomplete statistics products in more than 20000 varieties.

2) high degree of subindustry segmentation and high technical threshold

Due to the variety of electronic chemicals, large professional span, strong specificity and other reasons, it is difficult for a single enterprise to master multiple cross-domain knowledge reserves and technology, internal formation of a number of sub-industries. Different from the upstream petrochemical industry and other basic chemical raw materials, electronic chemicals in the field of fine chemicals have the characteristics of high market segmentation and high technical threshold. It is a common characteristic of electronic chemical industry that the market concentration degree of segmented industries is higher and the market share of leading enterprises is larger.

3) technology-intensive and fast product upgrading

Electronic chemistry is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive discipline field, which requires enterprise r & d personnel, engineering and technical personnel with multi-disciplinary and upstream and downstream industry knowledge background and research ability, with a high technical threshold. Electronic chemicals are closely integrated with the downstream industry. The rapid development of new energy, information and communication, consumer electronics and other downstream industries is bound to require the upgrading of electronic chemicals to be accelerated, and the pressure of scientific and technological research and development of enterprises is increasing day by day.

4) strong functionality, high added value and strict quality requirements

Electronic chemicals are the front end of the industrial chain of “electronic chemicals – components/components – complete machine”. Their technological level and product quality directly affect the functions and properties of components/components, and further affect the performance of terminal complete machine products through industrial conduction. For example, the functional electrolyte has a critical impact on the capacitance, service life and working stability of the electrolytic capacitor, while the quality of the capacitor will directly affect the terminal products of downstream appliances, automobiles, information and communication equipment

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