Vacuum system is used in brick and tile industry

Ancient brick and brick carving art has a long history, originated in the shang and zhou dynasties, developed in the tang and song dynasties, and flourished in the Ming and qing dynasties. In brick and tile manufacturing industry, the applicable products are: slide valve vacuum pump series, rotary plate vacuum pump series, vacuum system, water ring vacuum pump series and so on. The equipment provided in this paper belongs to the field of building materials forming machinery, especially involving a kind of equipment used in brick and tile manufacturing. Today’s small series mainly introduces the application of vacuum system in brick and tile manufacturing industry.

Vacuum system is used in brick and tile industry

In addition to bricks and tiles, chimneys and other building materials, brick and tile manufacturing industry also produces some civil utensils and other by-products, such as rice pot, wine pot and chopsticks cage, as well as some pottery spinning wheels, whistles and other small miscellaneous parts. Although these appliances do not hang glaze paint colour, design is simple and appear uncouth, but every piece is the real thing in daily production, life, home lives cannot leave, because this gets the affection of housewife extensively.

Why vacuum systems in tile manufacturing?

Brick and tile enterprises from the collection of soil, machine production, adobe drying, finished brick image, user requirements, the control of national standards, all these are brick and tile enterprises on the needs of technology. With the development of society, the improvement of people’s living standards and the needs of rural housing construction, the traditional manual brick-tiles are more and more unsuitable due to the large amount of labor, low efficiency and poor quality. At present the market sold brick machine, mixer, tile machine, putty machine for a single function, arc small tile machine can only make tile, if the material soil contains small stones is inconvenient to use, putty machine can only putty and can not select small stones, screen selection and can not screen wet soil. Because this wants mechanism brick and tile to need to purchase a variety of machine equipment, investment is too big, in general, small brick and tile factory bears hardly.

In view of the above problems, the utility model provides a kind of equipment with reasonable structure, compact and light weight, which is convenient for mobile operation and is used for brick and tile manufacturing. For the purpose of this technology, the application of vacuum system in brick and tile manufacturing is a kind of equipment for brick and tile manufacturing.

The purpose of vacuum pump is reflected in the fact that vacuum technology is a key part of metallurgy, brick and ceramic industry. It can be used to prevent metal from being oxidized due to high temperature during processing, and meanwhile, the moisture and air inside brick and ceramic can be discharged through vacuum system to ensure the highest quality.

Application characteristics of vacuum system in brick and tile manufacturing industry

1. Small size, light weight, easy to move and transport, small space.

2. Make it easy for users to operate flexibly according to market demand, and avoid market risks caused by a single product.

3. The equipment USES less power, saves energy consumption and is conducive to reducing production costs.

4. Reduce labor force, reduce labor intensity, improve labor efficiency and lower production cost.

5. High strength, smooth and beautiful surface.

The beneficial effect of the special vacuum system for brick and tile manufacturing is that there is no need for mud and general underground wet soil to be put into the hopper and extruded into shape. The structure of the whole equipment is reasonable, compact and light, conducive to mobile operation, one machine multi-purpose, is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized brick and tile factory.

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