vacuum thermoforming pump

Vacuum suction moulding is one of the common applications of vacuum pumps, and it is also a commonly used thermoforming method in the production of plastic packaging containers. It is widely used in the processing of packaging materials industry. EVP vacuum pump manufacturer to introduce you to the vacuum thermoforming pump.

Vacuum suction moulding is generally used to make open shell products of thermoplastic sheets. The principle is simply to heat the plastic sheets to a certain temperature, soften them to viscoelastic state, and then vacuum the mold through vacuum pump suction. The pressure difference forms vacuum suction, so that the sheets are covered on the contour surface of the mold after deformation. After cooling and shaping.


What is Vacuum Thermoforming

The process by which any formed plastic sheet is heated and forced to contact the die surface and cooled to maintain its shape. Thin, thick specification thermoforming.

There are generally two types of thermoforming processes. Sheet thickness less than 1.5 mm (0.060 inches) is usually provided to the forming machine for coiling or extrusion from the sheet. Thin-gauge Rolling Federal Reserve or inline extrusion hot forming applications are mainly rigid or semi-rigid disposable packaging. The sheet thickness is more than 3 mm (0.120 inches), which is usually provided to the forming machine by manual or automatic feeding methods that have been reduced to the final size. Heavy, or thickness gauges, are sliced into hot-formed sheets, mainly because of long-term application of structural components. However, there is a small market for standardized development of 1.5 mm to 3 mm thick steel plate.

Heavy rail formation uses a typical three-dimensional cutting die for continuous thin gauge to heat a plastic sheet, the same basic process. Many heavy rail forming applications use only the vacuum formed during the process, but some use two forms of mating tools, including air pressure half, to help form. Aircraft windshield and windows promoted the development of heavy rail forming technology during World War II for machine gun turrets. Large-size components such as permanent building cosmetic surfaces for automobiles, refrigerators, hot springs, and showers, and electrical and electronic equipment. Compared with most thin-gauge thermoforming parts, the heavy rail parts are usually manually trimmed, the final shape or additional drilling, forming, cutting, or finishing, which is different from the products. Heavy rail products are usually of a “permanent” end-of-use nature, while thin specifications are often designed to be disposable or recyclable, and are mainly used for food packaging or to include a project or product.

At present, the common products on the market are: daily necessities plastic packaging, hardware plastic packaging, automotive products plastic packaging, electronic products plastic packaging, food plastic packaging, cosmetics plastic packaging, computer peripheral equipment plastic packaging, toys plastic packaging, sports supplies plastic packaging, stationery plastic packaging, etc.

Vacuum thermoforming pump, also known as thermoplastic forming, is introduced. This forming process mainly uses vacuum suction generated by vacuum pump to make heated and softened PVC, PET, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other thermoplastic sheets into various shapes of vacuum cover, suction tray, bubble shell and so on. If you don’t know much about vacuum thermoforming pump, you can consult us

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