water ring vacuum pump operation procedure

Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of gas conveying equipment widely used in catalyst production. It is generally used in combination with belt filter (belt conveyor). Under the negative pressure condition formed by itself, the gas which is not condensed, insoluble in water and does not contain particles is extracted to achieve the purpose of vacuum filtration.

water ring vacuum pump equipment basic knowledge

water ring vacuum pump working principle:

Water ring vacuum pump belongs to variable volume vacuum pump. The impeller is eccentrically installed in the circular pump body. When the impeller rotates, the liquid is injected into the pump body to form a rotating liquid ring, and the inner surface of the liquid ring forms a crescent space with the impeller hub. The volume of the pump cavity between the adjacent blades increases and decreases periodically to achieve the purpose of suction, compression and exhaust.

Water ring vacuum pump equipment structure:

Water ring vacuum pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, shaft, bearing, distribution plate, shaft seal, water supply pipeline, automatic drain valve, etc.

water ring vacuum pump main performance indexes:

The main parameters include: working fluid flow, exhaust volume, maximum vacuum degree, rotating speed and power.

Application of water ring vacuum pump: vacuum pumping with filter.

Start stop procedure of water ring vacuum pump:

Inspection and preparation of water ring vacuum pump before startup

(1) Prepare necessary start-up tools: Valve hook, wrench, etc.

(2) Check whether the screws of the connecting parts of the vacuum pump are tight, whether the motor ground wire is good, and whether the valve is flexible and easy to use.

(3) The water is supplied to the vacuum pump through the water supply pipeline for flushing, the rotor is turned by hand, and then the sewage is discharged through the drain pipeline.

(4) Point and test the rotation direction of the motor to ensure that the rotation direction is correct.


water ring vacuum pump start up procedure:

(1) Open the intake valve.

(2) When no water flows out of the automatic drain valve, start the motor and the vacuum pump. At the same time, open the working water supply valve to make the pointer of vacuum pressure gauge close to 0mpa (gauge pressure). As the absolute suction pressure of the pump drops, the pointer shifts to a negative value (the reading is between 0 and – 0.003mpa).

(3) If the water supply is outside the shaft seal, adjust the water supply valve of the shaft seal to make the reading of the water supply pressure gauge of the shaft seal between 0.02 and 0.04MPa. Open the working water supply valve of the vacuum pump to supply water to the vacuum pump (if it is shaft seal water supply, open the shaft seal water supply valve at the same time). When there is liquid flowing out of the automatic drain valve, close the working water supply valve.

water ring vacuum pump routine inspection and maintenance:

(1) Check whether the equipment has abnormal noise and vibration, and whether the fasteners are loose.

(2) Check whether the supply voltage and current are normal.

(3) Check whether the bearing temperature is normal. The maximum measured temperature shall not exceed 75 ℃.

(4) Check whether the water supply of the vacuum pump is normal. If it is water supply outside the shaft seal, check whether the water supply of the shaft seal is normal.

water ring vacuum pump shutdown procedure:

(1) Before shutdown, check the corresponding equipment in the system to determine whether it can enter the shutdown procedure.

(2) Close the water supply valve (in case of water supply outside the shaft seal, close the water supply valve of the shaft seal at the same time)

(3) Stop the motor.

(4) Open the cleaning drain valve, or screw open the water plug, and drain the accumulated water, so as to prevent the vacuum pump from rusting or cracking under the freezing environment.

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