What are the reasons for slow reversing of electric ball valve?

During the use of the electric ball valve, the reversing speed is slow. What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

What are the reasons for slow reversing of electric ball valve?

If the electric ball valve is used for a long time, the reversing will be slow. The reversing of electric ball valve is not slow. The common current industrial structure is to solve the expansion of the pneumatic flow of stainless steel ball valve, gas suction pressure and spray suction solution in summer. The electric valve cannot work normally. Generally, the sliding part is caused by poor lubrication, stuck or damaged spring, oil stain or impurity stuck.

In this regard, first check whether the oil atomizer works normally, whether the proper viscosity is lubricant, change the oil, clean the sliding part of the valve, or replace the valve spring and. The place where the electric valve is installed is easy to be ignored by the employees. After purchasing the free electric ball, they often find a place and then use the pipe. I didn’t know that such a hasty installation of the electric valve has caused fault day maintenance problems, air quality and other adverse consequences. Therefore, the proper installation position and correct use of the electric valve system are a prerequisite.

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