vacuum pump manufacturers to repair cracks by measures taken

As a widely used equipment in industry, many parts of the vacuum pump are made of cast iron. Although the cast iron is hard and has high safety performance, if the vacuum pump is severely impacted, or the force is uneven, the temperature is too low, etc., the pump body is prone to cracks, which will have a certain adverse impact on the service performance and service life of the vacuum pump. Therefore, when cracks appear on the surface of the vacuum pump, we should repair them in time. The vacuum pump manufacturer introduces the common repair measures:

vacuum pump manufacturers to repair cracks by measures taken

1. Before repairing, determine the crack location and size of the water ring vacuum pump. Kerosene can be used to identify inconspicuous cracks.

2. For the places with obvious cracks, apply the aqueous solution of chalk powder on the suspicious parts, and after it is dry, apply kerosene on the other side. Because kerosene has the ability to penetrate micro cracks, when there are small and indistinct cracks on the parts, kerosene can penetrate through and soak white hard powder to make it change color. Therefore, we can judge whether there is a defect, and the shape and location of the defect according to whether the chalk powder changes color, and the shape and size of the change.

3. In addition, for the obvious cracks of the vacuum pump, the cracks of its parts can also be repaired by general welding methods and epoxy resin bonding.

4. Measure the shaft journals on both sides of the rotor of the vacuum pump, the bending of the rotor, and the scoop deflection of the processing surface of the ribbed plates at both ends of the impeller.

5. Grind and clean the obvious cracks on the vacuum pump rotor with an angular grinder, and grind the fillet of the welded junction to ensure the welding quality.

6. Check the parts prone to cracks with coloring method. If there are cracks, polish them and then weld them.

7. Use a grinder to mold the rough part of the blade surface to improve the surface finish of the vacuum pump blade.

If there are cracks in the vacuum pump during use, we can repair it according to the above methods. If the repair effect is not good, we can consult professionals or hand it over to the vacuum pump manufacturer for treatment. At the same time, if you find that the use effect of the vacuum pump is not as good as before, you must timely check whether there are faults in the body, eliminate potential safety hazards and take maintenance measures.

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