What principle is used in the protector of dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump is a common machine in industry. It is loaded with dry operation protector, which is a protection situation for the equipment. In case of corresponding use failure, it can give an alarm and intervene in time. Without these protectors, the failure of the product will directly affect the use of the equipment. In addition, the dry running protector can prevent the stator from being damaged due to dry running. The thermoelectric sensor installed on the stator can detect the temperature between the rotor and the stator in real time, and compare the temperature inside with the set value of the temperature control signal converter. If the wear between the rotor and the stator of the dry screw vacuum pump is serious, the stator temperature will rise, After reaching the set temperature, the control unit of the dry operation protector will stop the screw pump and sound an alarm, so that the mechanical equipment can be handled quickly to avoid multiple accidents.

What principle is used in the protector of dry screw vacuum pump

The protector principle of dry screw vacuum pump is also developed on the basis of protecting products. In addition, the structure of the protector is designed to be small and powerful, which reminds you to overhaul the component before use and operation, so as to improve the operation safety of the equipment. During installation, it is recommended to install by special personnel. When we have to install by ourselves, we must carefully read the instructions first and do not damage the operation of components during installation, which will cause problems in the later use of dry screw vacuum pump. The geographical environment should be kept dry, ventilated and clean at all times. The gap between the dry screw vacuum pump and the wall or other objects should be maintained, and the oil window should be reserved for easy observation of oil level.

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