vacuum system in lithium bromide refrigerator of application advantages

Lithium bromide refrigerator, namely lithium bromide absorption refrigerator, uses lithium bromide aqueous solution as the working medium, in which water is the refrigerant and lithium bromide is the absorbent. Lithium bromide is a salt, white crystal, soluble in water and ethanol, non-toxic, chemically stable, and will not deteriorate. When there is air in lithium bromide aqueous solution, it has strong corrosivity to steel. Lithium bromide absorption chiller can only be used for cold water preparation in air conditioning equipment and production process, because water is used as refrigerant, and the evaporation temperature is higher than 0 ℃. This kind of refrigerator can use low-pressure steam or hot water above 75 ℃ as heat source, so it plays an important role in the utilization of waste gas, waste heat, solar energy and low-temperature potential energy.

Vacuum system of lithium bromide refrigerator of advantages

1. Easy installation and low requirements for installation foundation. Since the vibration during operation is very small, no special base is required. It can be installed indoors, outdoors, on the first floor, on the floor or on the roof. During installation, it is only necessary to carry out general leveling and connect air, water pipes and power supply.

2. Simple manufacture and convenient operation and maintenance. Except for shield pump, vacuum pump, vacuum valve and other auxiliary equipment, almost all units are heat exchange equipment, which is relatively easy to manufacture. The vacuum pump system has stable performance, strong adaptability to changes in external conditions, and relatively simple operation. The maintenance of vacuum pump system is mainly to maintain the required air tightness.

vacuum system in lithium bromide refrigerator of application advantages

3. With heat energy as the power, there is no need to consume a lot of electric energy, and the requirement for heat energy is not high. It can use all kinds of low potential energy heat, exhaust gas and waste heat, which is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of heat sources, so the operation cost is low. If various exhaust gases and waste heat are used for refrigeration, a large number of cold sources can be obtained without spending operating costs, which has good energy-saving effect and high economy.

4. With lithium bromide solution as the working medium, the refrigerator operates in vacuum, tasteless, non-toxic, non explosive, safe and reliable. It is called pollution-free refrigeration equipment, which is conducive to meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

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