What does the routine inspection of dry screw vacuum pump include

During the use of dry screw vacuum pump, in order to reduce the occurrence of faults and prevent accidents, it is necessary to regularly check the vacuum pump to ensure the operation state of the equipment. The manufacturer of dry screw vacuum pump will tell you what regular routine inspections need to be carried out during the use of dry screw vacuum pump.

What does the routine inspection of dry screw vacuum pump include

In the application of dry screw vacuum pump, the periodic routine inspection mainly includes daily inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection, semi annual inspection and annual inspection.

The daily inspection mainly includes:
1. Whether the oil level line is too high or too low;
2. Whether there is sufficient cooling water flow;
3. Check whether the surface temperature of the end covers at both ends of the vacuum pump is normal;
4. Check the pressure of air inlet and exhaust port;
5. Check the motor load with an ammeter. If the power increases too much, it indicates that there is an abnormal phenomenon.

On the basis of daily inspection, monthly inspection includes:
1. Check the color of lubricating oil to determine whether it needs to be replaced;
2. Check the oil level. If the oil level drops too fast, check the seal.

Quarterly inspection contents:
1. Check the flow and color of cooling water, and clean the water jacket and water pipe regularly;
2. Check and replace the grease of the non drive end cap;
3. Check and replace the lubricating oil at the inner end of the drive end.

Check the air inlet and exhaust pipes of dry screw vacuum pump every six months.

Contents of annual routine inspection:
1. Check the sealing of vacuum pump;
2. Check the contact surface of dry screw vacuum pump: screw and pump body. Remove the air inlet pipe of the vacuum pump and check the contact surface between the screw and the pump body.

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