prevent water ring vacuum pump unit from being corroded to methods

Many users of water ring vacuum pump units want a very effective method to prevent the unit from being corroded, because sometimes the unit will work in a relatively harsh environment due to the requirements of working conditions, which will lead to the rapid corrosion of the pump body of the unit. So today, Xiaobian has brought you two more effective prevention methods. You can refer to them and hope to help you.

prevent water ring vacuum pump unit from being corroded to methods

1. Under special circumstances, the pump body of the lower ring vacuum pump unit will be corroded in about one month, causing the groove connecting the two end covers to loosen and cannot be tightly connected, resulting in the loss of vacuum of the vacuum pump. In view of this problem, the following methods should be adopted for improvement. First of all, install acid resistant rubber inside the pump body. When the pump body is seriously corroded, apply resin mastic on the acid resistant rubber. This is a relatively direct and convenient measure, but the use time is short. When the mastic falls off naturally, it means that the corrosion of the pump body has reached the limit.

2. Steel plates can be used to minimize the corrosion of the pump body of the water ring vacuum pump unit. Steel plates are installed at both ends of the pump body, and stainless steel plates are used in the middle for welding after crimping. This is a method to reduce the corrosion degree and isolate the corrosion source, which has good effect and long protection time. Because it can isolate the flow of pumping material in the pump body, reduce corrosion, and will not affect the vacuum degree, it is a commonly used method.

Therefore, when using the water ring vacuum pump unit, you can take one of the above methods to prevent, but it is worth noting that when choosing preventive measures for the unit, you must pay attention to whether the method you choose is applicable to the current unit. Because only by choosing appropriate preventive measures for the unit, can it really have a good preventive effect. On the contrary, it will only work in vain, making its corrosion more serious.

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