What is a high pressure blower

What is a high pressure blower? What are the selection methods and precautions of high pressure blower? What industries can high pressure blowers be used in? Today, with these questions, we are going to popularize some information related to high-pressure blowers.

Known as the “industrial soul”, the high-pressure blower is explosion-proof, corrosion-proof, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Because of the above characteristics, aluminum alloy material is widely used in filling machinery, hospital transmission system Combustion deoxidizer, cigarette filter molding machine, atomizing dryer, screen printing machine, photographic plate making machine, injection molding machine, automatic feeding dryer, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, welding equipment, film machinery, paper transportation, dry cleaning clothes, cleaning purpose, air dust removal, dry bottle, gas transmission, feeding, collection, central dust collection environmental protection, screen printing, electricity Plating, dust removal, food, packaging, filling, glass products, air transport and other related industries and machinery.

What is a high pressure blower

High pressure blower refers to the fan with wind pressure of 30KPa ~ 200KPa or compression ratio e = 1.3 ~ 3 under design conditions. At present, the air ring vacuum pump is generally classified as high-pressure blower in the industry. High pressure blower, also called high pressure blower, is different from general centrifugal blower.

What is a high pressure blower

high pressure blower selection method and precautions

1. According to DIN VDE 0105 or IGC 364, unqualified personnel are not allowed to work on electrical equipment.

2. Qualified personnel: refers to the personnel authorized by the plant safety director. According to their own training, experience, knowledge of relevant standards and the ability to prevent accidents, they can complete certain necessary work, at the same time, they can realize the potential danger and take necessary preventive measures. Have necessary first aid knowledge and be familiar with relevant first aid equipment.

3. The operation manual accompanying the equipment cannot contain all the details of the elements involved, especially the possible installation, operation and maintenance methods. Therefore, these operation manuals only include the necessary information for qualified personnel to operate the machine or equipment correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify that if there is a lack of detailed parameters of the product, or there are questions about relevant operations, please refer to the equipment type and processing code of the product.

4. Tolerance: Motor complies with IDN en 60 034 / DIN IEC 34-1 standard, insulation class H

5. When selecting the type, we should select the most appropriate, cost-effective and energy-saving scheme according to the specific situation of the site, focusing on flow or pressure and other relevant factors. If necessary, use relief valve, filter and other auxiliary accessories to better play the performance of the equipment and match the site.

6. Before start-up and preparation for start-up, check whether the fasteners are loose or fall off, the shell is not deformed or misplaced, intact / the wiring mode, power supply voltage, etc. meet the requirements / the shell is grounded, install leakage protector / check whether the motor direction is correct, and when it is running normally, it shall be stable, vibrated, and the temperature rise and noise are normal.

7. During the operation of the air pump, in case of abnormal increase of noise, scream, vibration and temperature, the power supply shall be cut off immediately for inspection, and the pump shall be powered on for operation after troubleshooting.

8. It is forbidden to use hard link for air inlet, and soft link must be used.

Here comes to an end, through the introduction of the high-pressure blower above, do you know about the high-pressure blower? If you still have any questions, you can call the technical consultation hotline at any time, and we can answer the theoretical knowledge related to the high-pressure blower for you at any time.

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