What is oil free screw vacuum pump

The new oil-free screw vacuum pump manufactured by EVP is 100% oil-free. Screw pump is considered to be the most advanced industrial vacuum pump, and is very suitable for various manufacturing processes. This is because in the industrial environment, pumps not only need to deal with clean air, but also need to deal with the escape of dirt, particles, media and steam. The process may be unstable, but it may involve various interference factors. The pump must be able to withstand all of this. Generally speaking, screw pump is the best choice to meet such demanding requirements.

Compared with the traditional screw pump, the new oil-free screw vacuum pump has many advantages. An important function is its integrated silencer, which enables the pump to provide a quiet and pleasant sound. Another important contribution to the improvement of the production process is the variable inlet flange, which allows for flexible installation of pumps in the factory. In addition, silencers without sponge damper materials and exhaust flanges at the lowest point of the pump are designed to help drain liquid or condensed steam. This can prevent potential rust and greatly improve the reliability of the process.

Another advantage is the reliability and efficiency of the pump. It can operate continuously under any inlet pressure and completely resist repeated shock release. Any number of cycles can operate without overload, which is still not the standard for other pumps on the market.

The main difference of the new oil-free screw vacuum pump is that it is completely oil-free. Other screw vacuum pumps may be dry compression. However, the gearbox of all these pumps is partially filled with oil to lubricate the bearings and gears.


This is not the case for the new oil-free screw vacuum pump: the equipment is 100% oil-free. As a result, there is no opportunity for the oil to migrate from the gear chamber to the compression chamber, in which case the oil may react with the pumped gas or, in the worst case, back into the treatment chamber.

This is not a problem for the new oil-free screw vacuum pump, because it uses grease lubricated bearings instead of oil lubricated gears. Drive and synchronization are achieved by high-tech belts, which can be replaced by the operator in just a few minutes if necessary. This also eliminates the need for gear oil change for other types of screw pumps. As a result, during transmission maintenance, it is not possible for any oil to migrate backwards into the treatment chamber and blow out of the exhaust or leak from the floor. Therefore, the new oil-free screw vacuum pump is a 100% oil-free pump, which may have a significant impact on cost reduction and process cleanliness.

Another technical advantage of industrial users is air cooling of pumps. The integration of the pump with the plant is simplified because the sometimes complex water supply system does not need to be piped.

Compared with the products of most competitors, the new oil-free screw vacuum pump has a moderate temperature curve. The internal low temperature peaks in the temperature range of about 100 ° to 130 ° C (212 ° to 266 ° f), depending on the operating point. This allows temperature sensitive media to be handled, otherwise they may react and form contaminants in the pump. In many applications, operation at moderate temperature is the best choice, and expansion operation can be realized without cleaning the compression chamber.

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