2BE1 252 water ring vacuum pump

2be1 252 water ring vacuum pump is an efficient and energy-saving product produced by our company in combination with imported advanced technology.

2BE1 252 water ring vacuum pump main features:

1. All bearings are imported products to ensure the precise positioning and high stability of the pump during operation.

2. The impeller is made of qt400 ductile iron or stainless steel to ensure the stability of the pump under severe conditions and extend the service life of the pump.

3. The shell is made of steel or stainless steel plate to extend the service life of 2BE1 series pumps.

4. The shaft sleeve is made of stainless steel. Compared with ordinary materials, the service life of the pump is increased by 5 times.

5. V-belt pulley (when the belt drives the pump) adopts high-precision belt pulley with tapered Bush to maintain the reliability of the pump and extend its service life. And it’s easy to load and unload.

6. The coupling is used to drive the pump directly. The flexible parts connecting the two half couplings are made of polyurethane, which makes the pump more reliable.

7. The unique design of setting the separator above the pump saves space and effectively reduces noise.

8. All parts are cast by resin sand, making the surface of the pump very smooth. It is not necessary to cover the surface of the pump with putty and effectively dissipate heat.

9. Special seals (optional parts) are used at the pump inlet for a long time to prevent leakage.

2be1252 water ring vacuum pump adopts single-stage and single function structure, which is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, reliable in operation, high in efficiency and energy saving. It can be applied to the severe conditions of large flow and large flow. Shock load fluctuation, etc

These pumps are usually used to pump gas without solid particles in order to obtain a vacuum insoluble and non corrosive gas in a sealed container.

By changing the structural materials, they can be used to pump corrosive gases or use corrosive liquids as working fluids. And they can also inhale flammable and combustible gases through explosion-proof motors.

Water ring vacuum pump and compressor is one of the main equipment used for suction and compression of gas. Compared with other low vacuum equipment, water ring vacuum pump and compressor have the following advantages:


Main features of 2be1252 water ring vacuum pump and compressor structure:

1. All bearings are imported with original bearings to ensure accurate positioning of 2BE1 vacuum pump impeller and high stability in operation.

2. The impeller materials are all made of nodular cast iron or steel plate by welding, which fully guarantees the stability of 2BE1 vacuum pump impeller under various adverse conditions, and greatly improves the service life of 2BE1 vacuum pump.

3. The pump body is made of steel plate, which can extend the service life of 2BE1 vacuum pump.

4.2be1 vacuum pump shaft sleeve is the most easily damaged part. It is made of high chromium stainless steel in the development process, which is five times the life of ordinary materials.

5. The belt pulley (belt drive) adopts standard high-precision cone pulley, which is reliable, durable and easy to dismantle Unloading.

6. The coupling (direct drive) adopts standard high-strength elastic coupling, and the elastic element is made of polyurethane, with stable and reliable operation and long service life.

7. The unique upper air water separator saves space and effectively reduces noise.

8. All castings are made of resin sand with good surface quality.there is no need to drill holes on the casting surface, so 2BE1 vacuum pump has the best heat dissipation effect.

9. All mechanical seals (optional accessories) are imported parts, which fully guarantees that 2BE1 series vacuum pumps will not leak in long-term operation.

10. The inner wall of the pump is approximately elliptical to ensure the best pumping effect.

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