2BE1 606 liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE1 liquid ring vacuum compressor is a single stage, flat side vacuum compressor. Our 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum compressor has a variety of models to choose from, capacity of 80 to 21,000 m3/h, and has passed ATEX certification.

The unique design of 2BE1 606 liquid ring vacuum pump has brought great benefits to our customers. Various inlet and outlet configurations provide pipeline flexibility. Top discharge capacity eliminates the need for trenches and minimizes land occupation. Double extension axle option allows other installation options. After 100% performance testing, ensure trouble-free start-up and operation.

2BE1 606 liquid ring vacuum compressor can be operated in many applications, including condenser air removal, flue gas desulfurization (FGD), acetylene, compression, ozone compression, pulp and paper, steam recovery, soil remediation, sterilization, distillation, dehydration, filtration and extrusion.

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2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump types :

2BE1 10-25 Series: 2BE1-102, 2BE1-103, 2BE1-152, 2BE1-153, 2BE1-202, 2BE1-203, 2BE1-252, 2BE1-253

2BE1 300-355 Series: 2BE1-303, 2BE1-305, 2BE1-353, 2BE1-355

2BE1 400-05 Series: 2BE1-403, 2BE1-405

2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump material:

Cast iron, SS304, SS316L, SS321, SS2205, cast iron with 304 or 316L stainless steel flow parts.

The 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series covers a wide range of suction, vacuum and pressure. Based on the proven and reliable design of the flat disc liquid ring vacuum pump, 2BE1 has a variety of models to choose from. It has a large differential pressure capability and has passed ATEX certification. Therefore, 2BE1 606 liquid-ring vacuum pump is one of the more popular liquid-ring pumps in the world, and can be used in almost all industrial vacuum applications, including chemical, pulp and paper-making and power generation industries.

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