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Vietnam 2SK water ring vacuum pump manufacturers: pump cavitation 10 common preventive measures

When you are using the pump, you may encounter the phenomenon of pump cavitation, but in fact, there are ways to avoid this kind of situation. Today, the manufacturer of 2SK water ring vacuum pump gives you a list of 10 common preventive measures about pump cavitation. If you are interested in this topic, please follow me.

1. Reduce the geometric suction height (or increase the geometric reverse irrigation height)

When determining the installation process of the water pump, the cavitation allowance of the pump should be larger than the necessary cavitation allowance of the pump under any circumstances; Or the actual suction pump vacuum height is less than the pump allowed vacuum height. The lower the installation elevation of the pump, the lower the vacuum degree of the inlet pipe, the less the possibility of cavitation. Therefore, in the installation of water pumps, should be as far as possible to reduce the installation of water pump elevation.

2. The correct design into the pool

If there is eddy current at the inlet of the pump, the water entering the pump pipe is disordered and the pressure is uneven. Therefore, the water into the pool must be smooth and uniform, no eddy current and bias flow, otherwise it will aggravate the cavitation of the pump. Timely remove the sewage into the pool, so that the flow smooth, even flow pattern; Centrifugal pump inlet should be submerged below 0.5m, axial pump inlet should be submerged below 1.0 ~ 1.5m.

3.Reduce inhalation loss

Therefore, we can try to increase pipe diameter, reduce pipe length as far as possible, reduce elbow and accessories, etc., so as to reduce head loss and increase cavitation allowance of the device. In order to make the water flow velocity and pressure distribution at the inlet of the pump uniform, for horizontal centrifugal pump, pump inlet before the horizontal straight section of the inlet pipe should not be too short, its length should not be less than 4 ~ 5 times the diameter of the pump inlet.

4. Adjust the working condition correctly

For the centrifugal pump, it can reduce the cavitation allowance by appropriately reducing the flow and moving the working point to the left. For axial flow pump, the blade installation Angle can be adjusted to make the working point move to the area with small cavitation residual value.

5.Increase pump inlet pressure

The manufacturer of 2SK water ring vacuum pump suggests pressurizing the inlet pipe of the water pump. For example, water from the outlet pipe of centrifugal pump can be introduced into the inlet pipe and pressurized with the nozzle, which can improve the cavitation margin of the device and reduce the cavitation damage.

6.Control the sediment content of water source

Water source sediment content is high, easy to cause water pump cavitation, so control water source sediment content, can effectively reduce the water source cavitation.

7. Improve the smoothness of blade surface

Blade smooth anti-corrosion performance has a certain impact, blade surface roughness, will cause vortex, increase the role of cavitation. For rough surface, users can carry out fine processing.

8. Timely coating and repair

If the water pump parts have been found to have erosion, can use metal or non-metallic materials coating and repair in time. Nonmetallic materials include epoxy materials, composite nylon and 53-a coatings.

9.Reduce pump speed

The cavitation property is proportional to the square of the speed. The degree of cavitation corrosion can be obviously reduced by reducing the pump speed.

9.In cavitation zone to supplement gas

The right amount of air is added to the inlet side of the pump, which can ease the impact force when the cavitation burst and reduce the vacuum degree in the cavitation zone, thus reducing the cavitation degree. However, air intake should be appropriate, otherwise the performance of the pump will be bad, so the control valve should be added on the air pipe to control the air intake, in order to obtain better results.

Of course, in addition to the introduction of these measures to prevent cavitation, the pump in use should also pay attention to the necessary maintenance and inspection, such as fasteners shall not be loose, rotating parts should be uniform and flexible, shall not have a stuck touch, and water contact with non-processed surface coating anti-rust paint, lubricant generally do not use too much. The operation process is best monitored by a person. In short, only when measures are in place can the normal efficiency and function of the discharge pump be exerted for a long time.

Above is the 2SK water ring vacuum pump manufacturer to “pump cavitation 10 common prevention measures”, hope to help you. If you have any questions or requirements about 2SK water ring vacuum pump manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.

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