2BE1505 Vacuum Pump

2BE1505 vacuum pump is based on the proven and reliable design of planar liquid ring vacuum pump. It provides a variety of models, has a large differential pressure capability, and has been certified by ATEX. For these reasons, 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump is one of the most popular liquid ring vacuum pumps in the world. It can be found in almost all industrial vacuum applications, including chemical, pulp and paper industry, and power generation industry.

Supported by years of reliable performance, the 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series continue to provide economical, efficient and reliable vacuum solutions for almost all industrial vacuum applications. The 2BE1 vacuum pump has a variety of models, covering a variety of capacity sizes, and provides a combination of cast iron, stainless steel and two materials.


Based on the proven planar 2BE1 design, it is rugged and low maintenance cost.

The flat side liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor design of 2BE1505 vacuum pump has provided reliable performance, reliability and sense of security for thousands of facilities around the world. Through continuous innovation, the design of 2BE1505 vacuum pump has the following characteristics:

1. Port plate with variable port can optimize pump performance in the whole working range.

2. Large differential pressure capability

3. High liquid residue

4. Internal inspection can be easily carried out at large inspection ports.

5. Throttle Hole of Complete Exhaust Pump When Closed

As a vacuum pump and compressor, the exhaust pressure range is 50 psia (3.5 bar abs).

Some applications require vacuum and compression in a process. Our model of liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor does not require two separate machines to process gas, but only one pump to complete the work – reducing costs and simplifying installation.

With years of experience in liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, we know how to design durable products. Therefore, our liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are operating in factories all over the world today. Our vacuum pumps are 100% performance tested, and we provide professional vacuum technology.

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