3 Stage Side Channel Blower

Model: 3 stage ring blower

Stage 3

Frequency: 50 / 60 (Hz)

Power: 7.5 (kw)

Voltage: 345-415 △ / 600-720y (V) (V)

Current: 16 (a)

Air volume: 170 (m3 / h)

Vacuum: – 730 (mbar)

Pressure: 1040 (mbar)

Sound: 72 (DB)

Weight: 85 (kg)

Size (L * w * h): 710 * 442 * 457 (mm)

3 Stage Side Channel Blower

Product parameters

Product parameters

Installation dimensions

Installation dimensions
Three stage oil free side channel blower for milking system and aeration system.

The side channel blower can be used in the sewage treatment system.

As a desalination system in the world’s water deficient areas close to the supply of salt water or brackish water, desalination is sometimes the only option to provide drinking water to communities and industries.

High pressure air ring blower is used for industrial wastewater treatment.

Once the water is used for various industrial purposes, it must be treated for reuse, after treatment, it will enter the utility wastewater treatment program, or it will return to the environment after being treated in a way that meets the water quality requirements.

Industrial process water must have appropriate quality to ensure that the product meets the required quality standards and that the production process is both effective and controllable.

In global shipping, water is more than a catalyst for transportation. It is also an important supply and operation resource for ships, yachts and offshore platforms. The regeneration blower helps ensure smooth passage by treating drinking water, waste water and ballast water.

Side channel blower application

Air knife drying Steam extraction
Air knife drying Steam extraction
System material delivery Router table
System material delivery Router table
Funnel Granular suspension
Funnel Granular suspension

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