316L stainless steel water ring vacuum pump

316L stainless steel water ring vacuum pump and compressor are mainly used for pumping explosive gas or working in flammable and explosive environment. The technical parameters of each type are the same as the corresponding types of 2BV2 or 2BV6 series products.

What is stainless steel

Austenite and ferrite are stainless steel, widely used in stainless steel vacuum pump or vacuum system engineering. However, if high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance or heat treatment (quenching or tempering, etc.) is required, another stainless steel is required.

High strength and hardness are the main characteristics of martensitic stainless steel. It can adjust its properties by heat treatment (quenching and tempering), and achieve different combinations of hardness and toughness. Generally speaking, it is a kind of hardened stainless steel. Therefore, it has high hardness, good mechanical properties and stainless steel. In quenched state, the structure of martensitic stainless steel is body-centered tetragonal crystal, which has magnetism and corrosion resistance in weak corrosion environment.

316L stainless steel water ring vacuum pump can be used under conditions of higher requirements for corrosion or gloss.


According to the working conditions, all the parts through which the liquid flows (i.e. pump housing, pump cover, port plate, impeller) are made of the following stainless steel:

SUS304 (0Cr18Ni9)

SUS316 (0Cr17Ni12Mo2)

SUS316L (00Cr17Ni14Mo2)

Axis material is 2Cr13 or 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti

Mechanical seal products and sealing materials are optional materials for FPM or PTFE.

Water ring vacuum pump with stainless steel impeller and port plate can enhance the overall corrosion resistance and durability of the pump. As an alternative, the 316L stainless steel pump can also be manufactured.

Tell us what you need to configure:

1. Stainless steel body + cast iron pump impeller / copper impeller / stainless steel impeller + general motor

2. Cast Iron Pump+Cast Iron Pump Impeller/Copper Impeller/Stainless Steel Impeller+General Motor

3. Stainless steel body + cast iron pump impeller / copper impeller / stainless steel impeller + explosion-proof motor

4. Cast iron pump + Cast iron pump impeller / Copper impeller / Stainless steel impeller + Explosion-proof motor

5. Cast Iron Pump+Cast Iron Pump Impeller+General Motor

Besides the 316L liquid ring vacuum pumps, our also offers liquid ring compressors for pumping gases and diverse vacuum pumps for condenser extraction for power plants, therefore if interested, contact our for more information and a quote.contact@evpvacuum.com

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