Acid and alkali resistant roots blower

At present, the further development of Roots blower Market lies in innovation. The application of three leaf Roots fan in human production and life is various, involving a wide range and high comprehensive performance.

At present, the roots blowers in the market are mostly of three leaf type. Each revolution of the three leaf roots blowers is completed by two sets of three leaf impellers for three times of suction and exhaust. The utility model belongs to a positive displacement fan, which is a gas power machine with constant volume and full rotation. The air cylinder is composed of the casing and the wall plates at both ends. A pair of impellers that “bite” each other (because there is a gap, the two impellers do not contact directly) separate the air inlet from the exhaust port. Through the rotation of a pair of synchronous gears, the two impellers rotate in the same speed direction in the cylinder. During the rotation, the air inlet is constantly pushed to the exhaust port by the impellers, so as to achieve forced exhaust Purpose. Simple structure and stable performance.

Its characteristic is that in the range of the highest design pressure, when the pipe network resistance changes, the flow change is very small. The pressure change of Roots blower has little effect. When the liquid level of the aeration tank changes, the blast volume is basically the same. The air volume of Roots blower is controlled by rotation speed, and the air volume can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the air pressure can be maintained after frequency conversion.

During the normal operation of acid and alkali resistant roots blower, check the temperature of bearing, lubricating oil in oil tank, motor, etc. every 1-2 hours, which shall not be higher than the specified value. In order to reduce the noise, in addition to the installation of muffler, some simple methods can also be used to reduce the noise, such as the earth hole method. Dig a 4-5m-sup3 underground cavern, cover and seal the cavern, use one conduit to lead the air inlet into the cavern, and use another conduit to lead the outside air into the cavern. Two pipes should be stepped into the bottom of the cave as much as possible, so as to reduce a lot of noise.

acid and alkali resistant roots blower operating instructions:

1. The steam inlet temperature of the conveying medium shall not be greater than 40 ℃.

2. The content of particles in the medium shall not exceed 100mg / m3, and the particle size shall not exceed half of the minimum working clearance.

3. During operation, the bearing temperature shall not be higher than 95 ℃, and the lubricating oil temperature shall not be higher than 65 ℃.

4. The use pressure shall not be higher than the pressure rise range specified on the nameplate.

5. The clearance between impeller and casing, impeller and side plate, impeller and impeller of Roots blower has been adjusted before delivery, and the clearance shall be ensured during reassembly.

6.When roots blower is running, the oil level of main oil tank and auxiliary oil tank must be between two red lines of oil level gauge.

One of the adjustment methods of Roots blower is to let out the air. This method is simple and reliable, but it is not economical. The more economical way is to adjust the speed. In order to improve the air pressure and air volume of Roots blower, some shaft kiln cement plants speed up the speed of blower. However, it should be noted that the mechanical strength of the mechanical equipment should be considered when increasing the rotating speed, which should not be increased greatly. Generally, the rotating speed should not exceed 15% of the nameplate. When the speed increases, the larger motor will be replaced.

The lubricating oil of Roots blower shall be replaced once every 3-6 months or filtered once with copper wire mesh with aperture less than 50 μ M. The maximum working time after starting is 200 hours, and the oil should be changed. The muffler should also be overhauled about half a year to replace some or all of the sound-absorbing materials. The air filter shall be maintained frequently, and the inlet and outlet valves and bypass pipes shall be kept in good condition.

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