Air blower for organic fertilizer fermentation

Organic fertilizer fermentation air blower uses the energy generated by the fan to transport the air or oxygen needed in the fermentation process, which can achieve the goal of rapid organic fertilizer fermentation.

Air blower for organic fertilizer fermentation

The installation method of the equipment is as follows: a ventilation pipeline device is installed at the bottom of the fermentation tank, and the main pipe is connected with each branch branch branch. The branch pipe has an aeration head and an aeration hole, and the other end is connected with a air blower. After the fan is turned on, the air can be transported quickly, making the materials react quickly and saving time and cost.

What is organic fertilizer? Organic fertilizer is actually the most basic farm manure, which contains a very rich carbon element, the raw materials are generally animal manure, food, special soil. The nutrient elements of the species are all organic.

Organic fertilizer mainly comes from plants and (or) animals. Carbon containing materials applied to the soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also have long fertilizer efficiency. It can increase and update soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, and improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity. It is the main nutrient for green food production. In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer, oxygen supply and transportation are indispensable. It is a kind of pollution-free fertilizer with high nutritional value. The planting of organic plants is inseparable from it, and the manufacturing process of organic fertilizer is inseparable from the air blower.

After 15 days of continuous aerobic fermentation in the closed fermentation tank, the organic solid waste is processed into high-quality organic fertilizer which can be used for crops after microbial fermentation, deodorization and decomposition.

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank is widely used. Organic fertilizer is a process in which toxic and harmful substances are eliminated by processing biological materials, animal and plant wastes and plant residues, leaving a large number of beneficial substances, which are applied to the soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function. Organic fertilizer fermentor can produce organic fertilizer quickly and realize the rational utilization of resources!

When the air blower is installed, it can be installed in the tank or fermentation tank. Only two points need to be paid attention to, that is, dust prevention and water vapor.

According to the principle of high temperature aerobic fermentation, organic fertilizer fermentation tank can be used to treat various kinds of animal manure, organic waste residue, crop straw and other organic wastes, and quickly complete the harmless treatment process. It is suitable for mixing powder and liquid of various components. It has the characteristics of good mixing uniformity, less material residue, wide applicability and convenient maintenance. It is an ideal fermentation equipment for aquaculture industry.

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