Water vapor cryopump

The steam cryogenic pump provides the most cost-effective solution for vacuum pumping in a vacuum system, greatly reducing pumping time and significantly improving product quality. In production applications, this means more cycles per day. In most cases, production can be increased by 50 to 100 per cent, reducing pumping times by half. Follow trap seal principle. The water vapor is captured by condensing to a cold cooled surface (a cold wing) in a vacuum chamber. By this design/equipment, the pumping is not limited by the size of the outlet.

Water vapor cryopump

Controlled by industry standard PLC with touch screen local interface. It also has a full range of remote options. The device has single output and double output cooling circuit options, which can independently control the freezing plate and baffle.

Water vapor cryopump advantages

1. In the chamber, steam is pumped from 60,000 L/s to 350,000 L/s. When using the device, the trap is done by the coil inside the chamber, so flange size is not a factor limiting the pumping speed.
2. The system has regenerative heating function, so it can be regenerated quickly, easily and easily during product loading.
3. The addition can reduce the down time of the pump reaching the basic vacuum by 50%.
4. Since 90% of degassing in a high vacuum is water vapor, adding a cryogenic pump cooler is the most effective way to use a vacuum pump.

Available parts

Ice crystals
The cryogenic coils will be designed for specific vacuum Chambers. We can design and manufacture coils for specific areas of the chamber wall. This is important for existing chamber systems. Coil design is based on the information you provide, or you may choose to design and manufacture your own frozen oil. Typical frozen oils have spirals, spirals, serpents or other simple shapes.

Feed through
Standard feed through device at low temperature in the outer atmosphere and feed/return pipe and o-ring seal between the chamber provides isolation between indoor vacuum. Dual channel feed through to in the vacuum chamber has a 2 inch diameter hole.

Refrigerant line
The standard refrigerant line set consists of copper feed and return lines, each with stainless steel joints at both ends for connecting units and feed-through lines. Black outer foam reduces/prevents frosting on the coil. If necessary, vacuum insulated wire can be used to extend service life. Standard refrigerant line length is 8-10ft.

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