Air compressor cigarette industry

Compressor in the field of tobacco enterprises energy-saving technical reform

1. The general situation of

Air compressor is a device that converts mechanical energy into gas pressure energy. It is widely used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, tobacco and other industries. Cigarette factories compressor to provide compressed air for cigarette manufacturing equipment, is one of the important sources of power in the production of cigarette, specific application in cigarette-rolling machines, packaging machine, silk equipment, logistics equipment, dust removal equipment, etc., for the equipment of pneumatic components and some powered air craft parts, it is reliable and efficient operation of cigarette manufacturing can be an important guarantee. In cigarette production enterprises, the installed capacity is generally relatively large, usually three shift operation, continuous running time is relatively long, the power consumption is relatively large, accounting for about 12% of the total power consumption of the enterprise. Continuously improve the energy saving management level of the compressor, reduce the compressed air consumption of a single box in the cigarette factory, is a practical embodiment of “cigarette on the level”.

2. Characteristics of compressor in cigarette factory

There are some differences between the compressor equipment and maintenance operators used by cigarette manufacturers and other industries, which need to be identified.

2.1 compressor equipment
Then national cigarette factories the completion of a new round of technological upgrading, oil-free screw compressor become the basic setup, oil-free screw compressor working principle is made up of Yin and Yang are a pair of parallel meshing rotor (or screw) rotation, inside the cylinder between the rotor alveolar air constantly produce periodic changes in volume, the air is along the rotor axis by suction side to the output side, implement the whole process of screw compressor suction, compression and exhaust, rotating rotor driven by the main motor. Oil-free screw compressor is widely used, but many compressors are used to form a system in cigarette factory, which can provide compressed gas for production automatically or manually. The formation of the system provides infinite improvement space for its energy-saving management.

2.2 compressor operation and maintenance personnel
Generally, the power workshop (department) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the compressor in the cigarette factory. The power workshop (department) of the cigarette factory is often responsible for the energy supply of the whole factory. The maintenance and operation objective of air compressor equipment is too emphasis on stability and not enough on energy saving.

The formulation of gas supply standards and the use of compressed air department, due to the lack of power energy basic knowledge or insufficient understanding, the setting of supply standards can not be tamped, the pressure is high is not low, the amount of large is not on, often in the actual demand to increase the safety factor, energy-saving management improvement space is large.

3. Energy saving management measures for compressor in cigarette factory

3.1 improve the understanding of compressor energy saving management
To improve the understanding of compressor energy saving management is the key to improve the management level. The department in charge of the compressor should continuously strengthen the business training for the operation and maintenance personnel of the compressor. With the continuous improvement of the compressor product maturity, the training focus of the air pressure operation and maintenance personnel should be transferred to “reliable and stable” for “efficient operation”. At the same time need to working principle of the compressor, compressed air energy consumption situation, focusing on specific use department personnel and indicators for propaganda and popularization, the energy management departments in factory energy awareness work, should also pay attention to the key energy consumption equipment, energy saving consciousness and power supply knowledge popularization, can make the personnel associated with the compressor or compressed air in the work of inspiration, breakthrough ideas, in order to improve the compressor energy saving management.

3.2 change the maintenance and operation ideas of the compressor
As mentioned above, the concept of “stable and reliable” operation target of compressor maintenance is generated in the immature period of compressor products and unit system control. With the establishment of control mode and the continuous development of materials science and technology, this idea should be changed and the goal of high efficiency should be advanced. For example: maintenance workers can not stay in the normal operation of equipment on everything, to observe the compressor gas production has changed, system resistance has changed, pipeline filters, pressure regulator equipment is not in the efficient operation range. Because the compressor outlet pressure setting is reduced by 1 kg, the compressor energy saving is 5%-8%. The maintenance personnel should study the compressor’s air supply, transform the system into a compressor when there is no frequency conversion compressor to cope with the air flow fluctuation, improve the compressor’s gas production efficiency, timely replace or use efficient lubricating oil to improve the compressor’s gas production efficiency, timely clean the cooling system to improve the gas production efficiency, etc. For example: operators in the operation of equipment, not only to meet the air supply index, but also to minimize the number of compressor put into use, reduce the compressor idle time and so on. The compressor department is responsible for the management of the equipment maintenance and operation personnel. The personnel should be managed and evaluated with the goal of improving the efficiency of the compressor or the system.

3.3 change the thinking of compressed air use department.
Compressed air power department of energy is used as a kind of high energy consumption value, when using, should change the original mode, not in the general equipment protection for production use, such as blowing dust, cooling, drying, reducing waiting time under pressure when arrange production schedule, concentrating the production, the most important is, want to use air pressure changing equipment performance, such as most production equipment itself only about 0.3 MPa pressure, and gas source majority is more than 0.6 MPa. Continuously improve equipment, reduce the unscientific locations, such as the national tobacco industry the 19th in the QC team results of optimum, the tobacco industry limited liability company in xiamen xiangyun QC team for making silk washing stem compressed air blow drying process was improved, not by high energy consumption of compressed air directly air drying way, directly reduce the compressed air gas. The change of thinking of using departments, through working hard, finally shows the decrease of compressed air consumption and demand pressure, which is finally reflected in the improvement of energy-saving management level.

3.4 requirements of functional departments on energy conservation management
After the functional departments understand the principle and condition of gas production and use of compressor, they should fully and scientifically reflect in the decomposition of energy assessment and energy conservation management objectives, and also include and regulate in the establishment of cigarette factory standard system, so as to form a long-term mechanism of continuous improvement, and the energy conservation objectives of the enterprise can be realized. For example, the “gas-electricity ratio” performance system is established to promote the compressor responsible departments to continuously improve the gas production efficiency; Establish the performance system of “single box output and gas consumption” to promote the use of compressed air departments to continuously find ways of solar terms and reduce the compressor load; In order to optimize the product structure, optimize the production arrangement, optimize and adjust the process parameters, the function should also be appropriate to undertake energy saving indicators, in order to optimize the product structure, optimize the production arrangement, optimize and adjust the process parameters, and finally concentrate on the joint management, constantly improve the energy saving level of the compressor, improve the energy saving level of the enterprise, and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise’s products.

4, the conclusion
The energy saving management level of the compressor in cigarette factory has a deep potential to be tapped, and also has a large economic benefit, which is worthy of attention and development. In the application of the above four measures, the theory of quality control can also be used, using PDCA cycle, continuous improvement, continuous improvement, improve the compressor energy-saving management level, but also for similar heavy energy equipment energy-saving management level of the promotion of reference.

Air compressor cigarette industry

Air compressor cigarette industry

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