Air ejector system

An air ejector system is an upgrade from a vacuum pump system; allowing you to increase productivity, save energy and reduce operating costs

Extends the Life of your existing vacuum pumps by reducing their usage Reduces the operating and maintenance cost associated with your existing vacuum pump system.

After a pump reduces vacuum chamber pressure to between 70 ~ 50 Torr, the motive valve in front of the nozzle of the air ejector is opened.Where upon outside atmosphere enters the diffuser through the nozzle at a supersonic rate. This jet flow, coupled with the diffuser’s action, reduces pressure at the intake port of the air ejector to below that of a liquid ring vacuum pump alone.

liquid ring vacuum pump
The function of air ejector is : enhance the ultimate vacuum , and the pumping speed in high vacuum area.

Ultimate pressure under no load is 12 Torr with single stage of liquid ring vacuum pump, 6 Torr with double stage of liquid ring vacuum pump.

Below picture is 2BV-161 single stage liquid ring vacuum pump with air ejector curve:

single stage liquid ring vacuum pump

This is the air ejector system we made for Coal Tar Extraction:

Air ejector system
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