How to solve the H-150 rotary piston vacuum pump oil spill promble

How to solve the H-150 rotary piston vacuum pump oil spill promble

When you meet the rotary piston vacuum pump oil leakage promble,how to solve it ? please find answers as follow:

Oil spill:

Check seals, each sealing parts, adjustments or replaced.

3 Noise: abnormal noise: check whether objects have fallen into the rotary piston pump chamber, bearings, vacuum pumps, transmission parts for damage. Clear, trim, new ones.

4 injection: a large number of spray oil: Check the oil level is too high, as too high, release; block oil hood assembly, parts and other anti injector is intact.

5 Vibration: Vibration great: check whether the pad solid base, fastening base is adequate. Has bite, early signs stuck to adjust.

6 bearing heat pump temperature anomaly: a little pine bark belt, check the oil is smooth, not enough cooling water. Heating oil tank, exhaust valve overheating: reduce the inlet pressure, increased cooling water.

7 bite stuck: check whether objects have fallen into, whether parts intact, lubricate the adequacy of oil, oil, oil pump.

8 motor current is too large or the fuse blows: Check the current is too big reason, check the fuse capacity adjustments, new ones.

Vacuum is not high:

(1) The pump has a leakage.

(2) oil suction box holes have appeared mist: Cleaning consider oil, check tubing, pump.

(3) pump oil contamination: the gas ballast valve open running 1-2 hours or longer, or get a new oil.

(4) lack of fuel, the oil level is too low: refuel.

(5) oil temperature is too high: to increase the amount of water, lowering the ambient temperature and suction gas temperature, eliminating the bite, poor lubrication.

(6) piece exhaust valve damage: for valves.

(7) the exhaust valve spring damage: new ones.

(8) the rotary piston vacuum pump parts wear, there are different sound, power anomalies: the demolition of all rotating parts management overhaul.

If thoes suggestion can not slove your promble about the rotary piston vacuum pump oil spill,please contact us any time!


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