Antifreeze measures for vacuum pumps

The application rate of vacuum pump is more and more common. In the process of operation, the appropriate operation mode will be selected, and the advantages in the use process are more and more. In order to better application, let’s understand the antifreeze measures of vacuum pump.

Antifreeze measures for vacuum pumps

The outdoor temperature is low in winter, when using vacuum pump, the pump is often frozen and can not run normally, so it is very important to take anti freezing measures. In winter, after the vacuum pump work is completed and stopped, the staff need to discharge all the water stored in the pump and pipeline, so as to prevent the water pipe or pump body from freezing after the temperature drops. After use, it is also necessary to clean the external soil and dust and keep the equipment clean. Put the pump in a normal temperature below zero.

Iron castings such as pump chamber and connecting parts of vacuum pump shall be cleaned with steel wire brush and coated with antirust paint. After the antirust paint is dry, it shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place. If the equipment is frozen due to operation error, it is necessary to use hot water or boiling water into the pump to melt ice, or heat the pump shell to melt the ice inside. Heat preservation type vacuum pump can be used. Steam or hot water can be added to the insulation layer after use to prevent the equipment from freezing at low temperature. When using the vacuum pump in winter, we must pay attention to the temperature problem, do a good job in antifreeze measures, try to use it indoors to avoid freezing and affect the normal operation. Even if there are thawing methods, but it will also waste time and reduce work efficiency.

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The above is about the antifreeze measures of vacuum pump. Because of its advantages, the utilization rate is very common now. Once again, we must operate in strict accordance with the operation regulations in order to avoid unnecessary troubles and losses. I hope the above contents can help you.

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