Biogas compressor

Biogas compressor is specially designed for biogas. It can improve the phenomenon of insufficient biogas pressure, make the combustion of biogas more full and more firepower. Due to the negative pressure of piston vacuum pump, the biogas digester can produce more gas, which is widely used in all kinds of biogas digesters and long-distance transportation of biogas.

What is biogas? How is biogas produced?

Biogas is a kind of mixed gas produced by anaerobic fermentation of organic substances. Biogas, as the name implies, is the gas in the swamp. People often see bubbles come out in swamps, sewage ditches or cesspools. If we strike a match, we can light it. This is the natural biogas in nature. Since this gas was first found in marshes, it is called biogas. All kinds of organic matters, such as human and animal excrement, straw and sewage, are fermented in a closed biogas digester under anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions and decomposed and transformed by a variety of biogas fermentation microorganisms to produce biogas.


Difference between biogas compressor and other compressors:

1. Good air tightness: conduct strict air tightness test from the air inlet to the air outlet, without air leakage, and no leakage under the pressure of 6.8kpa.

2. Acid and alkali resistance: from the air inlet to the air outlet channel are acid and alkali resistant plastic parts or rubber parts, which can pass through weak corrosive gas rich in water gas.

3. Long service life: the gas circuit and the circuit are strictly separated, and the electrical service life will not be affected due to the rich moisture in the gas.

4. Simple structure: there is no external pipeline between the two symmetrical gas chambers, which improves the compression efficiency and reduces the temperature to achieve the function of water removal.

5. Good maintainability: it can be repaired by itself with simple tools and accessories.

Working principle of piston vacuum pump for biogas compressor:

The compressor is driven by the low pressure gas of large area piston to produce high pressure gas on small area piston. It can be used for compressed air and other gases. The output air pressure can be adjusted steplessly by driving air pressure. The gas pipeline booster pump has single acting pump and double acting pump. The piston vacuum pump compresses the gas in both reciprocating strokes. When the driving gas acts on the gas piston, the working piston can obtain a large output flow when driven by the gas.

In the application of piston vacuum pump in biogas compressor, at present, biogas can not be compressed and stored. It is not a technical problem, but mainly a low value of economic utilization. The unit economic value of biogas is relatively low, and it cannot be stored in high density. For example, when the biogas is compressed to 50 times, the carbon dioxide in it is easy to liquefy or solidify in a closed steel cylinder, so the compressed liquefied biogas is rarely used in the market. Due to the limited market factors and other factors, the large-scale compressed storage of biogas can not be realized at present. It is believed that in the near future, the compressed storage of biogas will be widely used in the market.

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