blower for fish farm

High pressure blower for fish culture in pond

A large amount of rainwater with lower temperature enters the pond or the temperature is lower in winter, which makes the surface water temperature of the pond drop sharply and sink with the increase of the proportion. The lower water floats up because of the high temperature and the small proportion, which causes the rapid convection of the upper and lower water, and the water with the increase of the dissolved oxygen in the upper layer is transferred to the lower layer, which temporarily increases the dissolved oxygen in the lower layer, but is quickly consumed by the reducing substances in the lower water, As a result, the oxygen content of the whole pond decreased rapidly, so it is easy to cause fish and shrimp floating head. In addition, the south wind in the daytime and the high temperature suddenly turn to the north wind in the evening, which aggravates the convection of the upper and lower water bodies and is easy to cause hypoxia.

blower for fish farm

The high-pressure blowers of aeration and aeration for pond fish breeding can realize ecological breeding and improve the breeding efficiency: the continuous high-pressure blowers provide sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, the self purification ability of the water body can be restored and improved, the natural balance of bacteria phase and algae phase can be achieved, the natural state of the water body can be constructed, the survival ability of the breeding population can be steadily improved, and the breeding efficiency can be fully guaranteed.

Safety and environmental protection: the new aquaculture blower has the characteristics of oil-free, silent operation and is installed on the shore. It has good safety performance, and will not bring any pollution to the water body. Other ways of aeration are working in the water, easy to leak electricity, and the operation noise is very loud, which has potential harm to human body and fish and shrimp.

Roots blower have sound insulation

Please indicate special requirements: material, sealing, surface coating, whether noise reduction treatment is required, etc. The quality of the oil is not good. The solution is to change the lubricating oil. Rotating noise refers to that when the rotating impeller passes through the narrow channel outlet, the circumferential aerodynamic pressure and air flow speed change greatly, which makes the air flow speed and pressure pulsation caused by periodic suction, exhaust and instantaneous volume compression produce large aerodynamic noise (see Figure 1). Make sure that the lubricating oil reaches the center red point of the oil mark.

If it exceeds the center red point, the lubricating oil will be discharged automatically.

Generally speaking, roots blower have sound insulation. Shaft bending solution: straighten the shaft, and the hard sundries enter the sealing ring. Realize soft start, no large current impact when starting. If the gap is too large, the return flow of compressed gas through the gap will increase, which will affect the efficiency of the blower.

In order to prevent the motor from burning, leakage circuit breaker and overload protection device must be set. Wallboard. In wind tunnels and hovercraft. When the original gas is discharged, if other factors are not considered, under ideal conditions, the inlet will become absolute vacuum, and the pressure will disappear after a period of time.

Roots blower should be in a well ventilated place

Roots blower shall be selected in a well ventilated place. In fact, no matter from the quality or price, it is correct to strictly require the quality. General unit: m3 / h, L / s, m3 / min. it can also provide the volume of pumping container or reactor. Thermal spray welding has the same problem, which greatly limits its application.

The low-pressure roots blower has a wide application prospect and is of great significance in some industrial enterprises. The impeller of the three blade roots blower is always kept in the correct phase with synchronous gear, and there is no contact between them.

It is inevitable that the three blade roots blower will break down in operation. The triangle inlet and outlet of Roots blower are composed of spiral structure and straight line at the top of impeller, which are opened and closed in turn with the rotation of impeller. Roots vacuum pump is a pair of single rotor mechanical vacuum pumps with synchronous high-speed rotation. Why it is absolutely impossible to reduce the air volume and pressure by regulating the valve, which will cause the blower motor to rise too much and burn down the motor, you can consult the manufacturer of the three blade roots blower. The main outlet pipe is designed according to the long-term air volume.

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