Corrosive gas vacuum pump

Corrosive gas vacuum pumps are specially designed to handle corrosive fluids and can decompose other pumps. Less moving parts and top feed to keep the oil clean and contaminant diluted. All critical components are corrosion resistant, including fluoroelastomer seals and gaskets, all-metal blades, stainless steel valves and PTFE coated fuel tanks.

These pumps are also designed to reduce friction and wear – below 580 RPM and 1750 RPM for direct drive. Nitrogen purge degassing and cool the oil.

Corrosive gas vacuum pump

Circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump of working principle

Circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump is a new multi-purpose vacuum pump designed by circulating water as working fluid and using the principle of negative pressure generated by jet flow to provide vacuum conditions for chemical laboratories and circulating cooling water for reaction devices.

Circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump is widely used in evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, decompression, sublimation and other operations, is an ideal equipment for laboratories in colleges and universities, pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing and other fields.

Circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump of features

● the circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump special motor is made by famous motor manufacturer ODM, sealed with fluororubber, without corrosive gas invasion inside the motor.

● circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump three taps, can be used alone or in parallel.

● circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump is suitable for research experiment, small test, small quantity production process with evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression, degassing and other processes.

● compared with the desktop pump, the pumping capacity is larger, which is applied to the vacuum needs of large pumping capacity.

● circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump jet device is made of copper, three-way, reverse valve and suction nozzle is made of PP.

● circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump body and impeller are pressed by stainless steel plate (ANSI standard)

● equipped with casters, easy to move, flexible configuration for laboratory and workshop.

▲ the water in the water tank should be replaced regularly to ensure pure water quality, ensure vacuum degree and avoid stains.

▲ can be used to extract corrosive gases, and need to shorten the water change cycle.


Vacuum performance of circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump at different temperatures:

Temperature °C








Vacuum degree MPa
















Compared with the products of the same industry at home and abroad, EVP products have the characteristics of high ultimate vacuum degree and fast pumping speed. The pumping speed of the new vacuum bottle after modification is increased by 30% on the original basis.

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