Degassing vacuum pump

Vacuum degassing kit. No need for bulky, inefficient agitator degassing, which leaves carbon dioxide in the solution and causes confusion. Using deaeration kit, deaerating wine professionally is as easy as flipping a switch! Put a vacuum in the bottle through a special stopper and suck all the carbon dioxide out of the solution to keep your wine delicious! Degassing usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of the wine. We recommend that you place the wine between 75 and 80 degrees to get the fastest results. Perfect degassing solution for all winemakers!

Note: anyone on any wine can use this product for degassing.

The deaeration kit consists of the following components:

Vacuum pump
5 “1/4” outside diameter hard plastic vacuum tube
1/4 “X 6” stainless steel vacuum tube
# 7 double hole silica gel plug
# 00 solid tan rubber plug (used to insert the rack pipe hole for degassing)
Check valve assembly and spare check ball and check ball seat

Next, introduce vacuum pump in vacuum pump deaeration kit.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Degassing vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump product description

Equivalent to Busch R5 series, single pump and spare parts are interchangeable.

Rotary vane vacuum pump main characteristics

Ø extremely high vacuum degree, less than 0.5

Ø pumping speed is high

Ø low running noise, less than 66 dB (A)

Ø good pumping or eliminate the ability of water vapor

Ø when the inlet pressure is 1.33 x 103 Pa, still can work continuously

Ø environmental protection; Equipped with oil mist eliminator can remove 99.99% of the exhaust oil

Ø compact structure; Scientific and rational design; Convenient installation

Rotary vane vacuum pump application

Ø packaging and paste

Ø ascend, transport, suction, loading and unloading

Ø dry, degassing, dipping

Ø other such as laboratory equipment; Medical equipment, medical system, central vacuum system, mobile vacuum station, etc.

Rotary vane vacuum pump packing and shipping


Packed in standard export wooden cases


By sea/air (DHL, TNT, Fedex… )

Delivery time:

25 working days for 20 GP and 35 days for 40 months.

Rotary vane vacuum pump packing and shipping

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