Vacuum pump for vacuum forming

Vacuum forming

Vacuum Forming is often called Vacuum Forming, which is a plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat the flat plastic sheet into soft parts, which can be adsorbed on the surface of the mold by Vacuum and then formed after cooling. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Vacuum packaging: a general term for the production of plastic products by means of blister technology and the encapsulation of the products by corresponding equipment.
Vacuum packaging products include: bubble shell, tray, blister box, synonyms: vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc.
Vacuum packaging equipment mainly includes: plastic molding machine, punching machine, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.
Packaging products can be divided into: insert card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, folding bubble shell, three fold bubble shell.
Vacuum forming is to reheat and soften thermoplastic sheet or thin plate (thickness less than 6mm) and put it on the mold with many small holes. Vacuum method is adopted to make the sheet tightly suck on the mold for forming. This method is fast in forming speed and easy in operation, but the surface of the product is rough and the error of size and shape is large.
The main advantages of vacuum packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; Can pack any special products, packing without additional buffer materials; The packaged products are transparent and visible, beautiful in appearance, convenient for sales, and suitable for mechanization and automatic packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

Vacuum molding is widely used to produce calcium plastic ceiling decorative materials, washing machine and refrigerator housing, motor housing, art and household goods.
One vacuum forming
The so-called vacuum molding, refers to the vacuum pump will be heated by the mold and the heat into the model sheet (plate) material between the vacuum state, resulting in the sheet (plate) material pressure difference between the top and bottom, so that the sheet tightly laminated on the surface of the mold forming method. Vacuum molding can be divided into a single male mold (punch) single female mold (die), no mold and other forms.
1, single positive vacuum molding
Single positive vacuum forming is also called punch vacuum forming, covering vacuum forming or vacuum forming. The process is that the plastic sheet is clamped by the clamping frame and heated, and the holes for vacuum pumping are opened on the convex surface. After the sheet softens, the clamping frame moves down or the punch moves up, and the sheet is stretched until the clamping frame and the punch are in contact with each other and sealed. The punch is vacuum-pumped, and the differential pressure makes the sheet laminate on the surface of the punch. After cooling and finalizing, blow stripping and dressing, the workpiece is obtained.
2 single negative mold vacuum forming
Single negative vacuum molding, also known as concave mold vacuum molding, direct or simple molding. The technological process is that the sheet metal is clamped on the die, and the cavity at the lower part of the die is opened with holes for vacuum pumping. The die is both a vacuum chamber and a cavity forming. After the sheet material is heated and softened, the concave mold is vacuum-pumped. The difference between atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure makes the sheet material be stretched and pressed against the concave mold cavity for forming. After cooling and shaping, the sheet material is blown out of the mold and the finished product is obtained through dressing.
3.No mold forming
No mold vacuum molding, also known as free molding. The forming method is used for blowing various cover shapes.

Applicable Products:

Vacuum pump for vacuum forming

2SK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


Model Suction capacity Ultimate vacuum Power speed Water supply Inlet/outlet diam Water inlet
m³/min MPa(G) KW r/min L/min DN(mm) (mm)
2SK1.5 1.35 -0.097 4 1440 10-15 40 G1/2”
2SK-3 2.7 -0.098 7.5/11 1440 15-20 40 G1/2”
2SK-6 5.4 -0.098 15 1460 25-35 65 G1/2”
2SK-12 10.8 -0.098 22/30 970 40-50 100 G1/2”
2SK-20 18 -0.098 45 740 60-80 125 G3/4”
2SK-30 27 -0.098 55/75 740 70-90 125 G3/4”


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