Difference between H-150 and H-150G

The piston type oil seal mechanical pump (referred to as piston vacuum pump) is a variable volume gas transmission pump like the rotary vane pump, but the sliding valve vacuum pump is several times more durable than the 2X rotary vane vacuum pump. Its range and operating conditions are basically the same as the rotary vane pump. Spool valve vacuum pumps are currently divided into single-stage H-type and bipolar 2H-type models.

The sliding valve pump provided by Shanghai EVP Vacuum covers a pumping speed from 15L/s to 300L/s, which can meet the needs of most customers. Among them, based on the single-stage H-150 classic, EVP Vacuum has been upgraded and improved, and the model H-150G has been launched. There are obvious differences between H-150 and H-150G, mainly:

1.The appearance is different, the motor of H-150 is on the side of the pump, and the motor of H-150G is on the top of the pump, making the structure of H-150 more compact and beautiful, please see the picture below

Difference between H-150 and H-150G

2.The structure is different. The H-150 is an old design. The H-150G learns the structure of the 412 model of the US Stokes brand, which is more energy efficient.

3.Different motor power, H-150 with 15kw motor to reach the maximum pumping speed of 150L/s, while H-150G only needs to be equipped with 11kw motor to reach 150L/s pumping speed, H-150G is more energy-saving

4. Compared with H-150, H-150G has less noise and less vibration

In general, H-150 and H-150G are very good products. EVP Vacuum has strict quality control in production and before shipment, which can meet the needs of customers. At the same time, compared with H-150, H-150G is more energy-efficient, more efficient and more beautiful, and has become the choice of more and more customers.

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