Dry screw vacuum pump in fluid delivery

What are the advantages of dry screw vacuum pump in the practical application of fluid transportation? Most of the materials processed in chemical production are fluid. It is an important link to transport these materials between chemical equipment and machines according to the process requirements. There are many kinds of materials in chemical production, and the properties of the transported fluid are different, such as density, viscosity, toxicity, corrosiveness, flammability and explosiveness. Moreover, the pressure of the fluid is from high vacuum to 102mpa, and the transportation volume per hour is from 10-3m3 to over 104m3. Therefore, there are many kinds of fluid conveying machines used to transport the fluid, and the materials used to produce the fluid are also various.

Fluid flow is one of the five main unit operations in the chemical industry. The fluid flow process includes transfer, filtration, solid fluidization and transportation activities. Centrifugal pumps have traditionally been popular standards in the field of fluid flow processes, but in some cases, they are inefficient and costly.

In this regard, the centrifugal pump has shortcomings:

1. Too many pumps are usually used to reduce the complexity of pump selection, which may lead to increased operation and maintenance costs, operation offset and higher energy consumption than the actual demand.

2. During the operation of centrifugal pump, the flow will decrease with the increase of pressure. As a result, work that requires steady flow rates and high time costs may take longer and cost more. When pumping a fluid with a viscosity higher than 100 CST, the performance of the centrifugal pump may be negative.

3. Finally, these inefficiencies will lead to the increase of energy consumption or even the sacrifice of production efficiency, which will fundamentally have a negative impact on the operation of chemical processes.

In this case, dry screw vacuum pump will be a feasible alternative. Dry screw vacuum pump is a high-tech product, which is mainly used in high-purity vacuum process. It has a high degree of vacuum, can adapt to bad working conditions, and has the ability to extract condensable, particulate gas, especially suitable for clean environment, and easy to do anti-corrosion treatment. It can be used to deal with various fluids, including fluids with high viscosity.


The advantages of dry screw vacuum pump in the practical application of fluid transportation are as follows:

1. Be able to handle various flow, pressure, liquid type and viscosity;

2. Even if there are different back pressures due to viscosity changes, the flow rate is stable;

3. Mass production and overall operation efficiency to reduce operation cost;

4. Production or capacity can be controlled by higher pump speed ratio;

5. Low internal speed;

6. Self suction operation and good suction characteristics;

7. Small mechanical vibration and long service life;

8. Inherent stable and quiet operation characteristics;

9. Extremely low pulsation, reduce stress and extend service life of relevant fluid conveying parts (pipes, hoses, seals, bearings, etc.).

The nine advantages mentioned above can make screw vacuum pump become a more effective, reliable, economical and adaptable fluid conveying process in the key chemical process. Moreover, the variable pitch and free exhaust of the screw vacuum pump greatly improve the ability of the screw vacuum pump to deal with liquid and dust. Its unique temperature distribution plays a role of corrosion resistance, and the optimized efficiency reduces the heat load, thus prolonging the service life of the vacuum pump. I believe many users will love it.

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