Dry screw vacuum pump vacuum distillation process

Shanghai EVP provides solutions to vacuum pumps and vacuum systems for many food packaging, textile, plasticizing and chemical industries. Vacuum technology has been widely used in the traditional industrial upgrading process in recent years, and it is the key equipment of modern advanced process.dry screw vacuum pump is also the vacuum pump for vacuum distillation process.

Which products of Shanghai EVP vacuum pump are especially suitable for vacuum distillation process?

Screw Vacuum Pump

LG Series Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry screw vacuum pump can produce high vacuum, which is an ideal choice for distillation process. This type of vacuum pump has no working fluid when running, and can be pumped into steam without causing pollution. Therefore, the media can be reused after condensation. We supply all kinds of specifications and models, including explosion-proof products.

In terms of the distillation process, what is the application of vacuum technology?

Vacuum distillation is an important process in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, but also widely used in other industries, including beverage and food production. Also used in crude oil refining: crude oil contains heavy hydrocarbons and light hydrocarbons with different boiling points, requiring two distillation processes. First, atmospheric distillation, and then vacuum secondary distillation, low-temperature separation of heavy hydrocarbons, as far as possible to reduce pyrolysis and unnecessary by-products.

We provide a wide range of steam compatible, non corrosive vacuum equipment, which is an ideal choice for distillation process. In order to deal with flammable vapors, gases and liquids, we also provide explosion-proof products.

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