Environmental protection wastewater treatment Roots blower

The roots blower is applicable to the construction of wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and other environmental protection projects to supply oxygen with aeration or use the air of Roots blower to backwash the filter material, which is suitable for the environmental engineering equipment industry.

Environmental protection wastewater treatment Roots blower

Roots blower of correct operation method

The development of many industries in life is inseparable from roots blower, sometimes some inconspicuous factors may lead to a large gap.

Today, we will learn that there are many ways to operate a three blade roots blower. Let’s take a look at the correct operation of the Roots blower:

1. Muffler is required on the outlet pipe of Roots blower.

In the noise of Roots blower, it is necessary to reduce the aerodynamic noise radiated by the air inlet and outlet. Because of its high noise intensity, it is necessary to install muffler at the air inlet and outlet of Roots blower to effectively control the noise of Roots blower.

2. In order to reduce aerodynamic noise, it is necessary to install muffler at the inlet and outlet of Roots blower to install sound insulation cover on Roots blower unit, so as to eliminate part of strong noise of Roots blower.

However, if there is a high demand for noise reduction on site, a comprehensive treatment method should be adopted, that is, to remove the noise from the shell, the root oscillation and other parts of Roots blower.

3. Under the premise that there is a special roots blower room, we can transform the roots blower room into a fixed single roots blower according to the actual situation on site.

During the disassembly and maintenance of Roots blower, the following matters shall be noted to avoid the maintenance.

Roots blower bearing of precautions for disassembly

1. Knock parts of inner and outer rings to prevent bearing damage.
2. Risk analysis in the maintenance stage, the person in charge of the work shall explain the safety precautions to the members of the work team before the start of each day. After the work, summarize the safety work of the day, clean the parts with kerosene and detergent, keep away from the fire source during cleaning, and put the waste oil and rags into the garbage can in time after cleaning.
3. The electric leakage protector must be used for the use of electric tools, and the wiring shall be in the charge of the electrician.
4. The operation team leader of each operation process shall conduct safety disclosure and make hazard prediction.
5. All disassembled pipelines and pump casings connected to the system shall be wrapped to prevent foreign matters from entering.

Risk analysis in the stage of disintegration:

1. Before lifting the motor, there must be an electrician to remove the wires and check whether they are correct.
2. Remove the coupling with the coupling holder, and do not knock it forcibly.
3. Pay attention to the winch when removing the drive belt. The oil tank shall be connected with an oil basin to prevent it from flowing on the ground.
4. Do not wear gloves when using sledgehammer for percussion during disassembly, and the coordination personnel around should concentrate to prevent sledgehammer from hurting people

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