High performance rotary vane vacuum pump

High-performance rotary vane vacuum pump scope of use:

High performance Rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to extract gas from sealed container and obtain vacuum. Rotary vane vacuum pump can be used on a trial basis alone. It can also be used as a front-stage pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and titanium pump. It can be used for vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum pouring, electronic tube, lamp, hot water bottle, etc.

High performance rotary vane vacuum pump features:

1. High-performance rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with air ballast valve, which can extract a small amount of water vapor.

2. High performance rotary vane vacuum pump has high limit vacuum.

3. Compulsory oil feeding, full lubrication and reliable performance;

4. Double safety device for automatic oil return prevention is installed.

5. Continuous operation can be maintained at the intake pressure of 1.33 *10 Pa.

6. No oil leakage, no oil injection, no pollution to the working environment.

high performance rotary vane vacuum pump technical parameters:

Model Pump speed(m3/h) Motor Power(KW) Inlet Diam (inch) Rotary speed(rpm) Oil Capacity(L) G.W(kg) NoisedB (A) Dimensions(mm)
50HZ 60HZ
SV-010 10 12 0.37 (3ph)0.55 (1ph) G1/2 1400 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-020 20 24 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-025 25 30 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 22 64 405*253*210
SV-040 40 48 1.5 (3ph)2.2 (1ph) G11/4 1400 1.0 50 67 660*300*270
SV-063 63 75 2.2 G11/4 1400 2.0 83 68 695*420*295
SV-100 100 120 3.0 G11/4 1400 2.0 87 72 735*420*295
SV-160 160 192 4.0 G2 1400 4.5 152 74 805*520*410
SV-200 200 240 5.5 G2 1400 4.5 159 76 825*520*410
SV-250 250 300 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 230 76 1000*550*410
SV-300 300 360 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 236 76 1200*550*410
SV-630 630 750 15.0 DN100 960 35 620 75 1630*1300*980
SV-750 750 900 18.5 DN100 1150 35 640 76 1630*1300*980


high performance rotary vane vacuum pumps instructions:

1. Always pay attention to oil level.

2. Open the valve slowly after starting the two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump.

3. Always pay attention to the normal operation of rotary vane vacuum pump, whether there is any special sound, whether the motor is overloaded.

4. Pay attention to the interruption of cooling water.

5. Attention should be paid to the temperature rise of the pump not exceeding 40 C.

6. If the temperature of the pump drops below 5 C after stopping, the cooling water in the pump of 2X-8 rotary vane vacuum pump must be removed.

Safety issues in the use of high performance rotary vane vacuum pumps:

If it is necessary to make the rotary vane vacuum pump remove toxic and corrosive ferrous metal gases, chemical change gases from the rotary vane vacuum pump, and gases beyond normal temperature and dust, it is necessary to install neutralization, cooling and filtering devices in the intake pipeline to cooperate with the use, otherwise it will affect the service performance and life of the  rotary vane vacuum pump. When extracting harmful gases to the human body, it should be installed accordingly. In the pipeline, the exhaust gas is collected outdoors and transported out of the industrial zone for treatment.

High performance rotary vane vacuum pump

SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

high performance rotary vane vacuum pump maintenance:

1. High-performance rotary vane vacuum pumps should be kept clean regularly, and no other articles should be placed on the pumps.

2. Attention should be paid to the appropriateness of belt tightening, which should be adjusted once a year in the first half of the year.

3. Whether the pipe joint leaks or not, stop it in time.

High-performance rotary vane vacuum pumps should be replaced once after three months to six months of continuous operation. In humid areas, pumps working in wet season or polluted by pumped gases should be shortened according to specific circumstances.

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