How generate vacuum using vacuum pump

Displacement / dynamic vacuum pump. General. For another component to produce a vacuum is a vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump construction and use

Common vacuum pump structure. The inner part is mainly a circular simple stator. Inside there is a finely machined solid circle toward the rotor. The rotor eccentric intestinal device is above the stator cavity wall. Separate the intake and exhaust pipes. And it has air tight effect.

Compressed by a tension spring clamped in their center. The space between rotor and stator is divided into three parts. The air enters the space through the pipe from the container to be pumped. It increases when it disengages with the rolling of the rotor. The gas is drawn in through a tube. When rolling continuously, the space is separated from the intake pipe, and then the rotor continues to roll.

The volume of space is gradually shrinking. The gas is compressed. Until the pressure is greater than 101325p. The exhaust valve opens and the gas is expelled. So when the rotor rolls. The space between the two wings is continuously aspirated and vented. Make the container reach a certain vacuum.

The compression ratio of the vacuum pump can be as high as 700:1, so if there is water gas or other condensable gas in the exhaust gas, the gas will be compressed. Swallow gas may condense into liquid. Into the oil. Following the internal circulation of the oil vacuum pump, on the one hand, it will be pumped into the container. The vacuum degree of the system is greatly reduced. On the other hand, it destroys the quality of oil, reduces the sealing and smooth effect of oil in the vacuum pump, and makes the rotor stator wall rusty. In order to deal with this problem, in addition to the reduction air and swallow gas compression ratio below the air inlet of the vacuum pump, a cold trap or absorption tower should be installed before the inlet.

When using the vacuum pump, the following items shall be noted: the vacuum pump is driven by the motor, and the motor temperature shall not exceed the regular temperature during operation. In normal operation, there should be no conflict, metal collision and other abnormal sounds. Before the inlet, connect the three-way piston. So that the vacuum pump can be connected with the atmosphere before stopping the vacuum pump. This way. The vacuum degree of the system can be maintained. In order to avoid vacuum pump oil back suction. The rubber pipe connecting the air inlet of the vacuum pump and the gas system to be extracted shall be cleaned in advance by using the vacuum rubber pipe.

How generate vacuum using vacuum pump

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