How to choose vacuum gauge

Because of the characteristics of many factors and wide range, it is difficult to use a single vacuum measuring equipment (vacuum gauge) to measure in various measuring environments. It is necessary to select a suitable vacuum gauge for a specific vacuum range and gas type. Today, let’s talk about some problems we need to know before choosing a vacuum gauge.

How to choose vacuum gauge

1. Whether the range and accuracy of the vacuum gauge meet the application requirements. Each type of vacuum gauge is only suitable for a certain pressure range, so it is necessary to determine whether the range of the selected vacuum gauge is suitable for the measured pressure range and whether the accuracy meets the requirements.

2. Whether the measured gas will cause damage to the vacuum gauge. For example, oxygen will oxidize the filament of heat conduction and ionization vacuum gauge, etc. similar effects need to be avoided, otherwise, it will damage the vacuum gauge and cause inaccurate measurement.

3. Can the selected vacuum gauge affect the measured gas space. If the ionization vacuum gauge is used in the oil vapor environment, the oil vapor will pollute the filament and affect the measurement sensitivity and error due to the hydrocarbon in the high temperature decomposition.

4. Whether the pressure measured by the vacuum gauge is full pressure or partial pressure, whether it has been calibrated, and whether the sensitivity of the instrument is related to the type of gas to be measured.

5. Whether the selected vacuum gauge can realize continuous measurement, electrical indication and reaction time. Some of the different vacuum meters respond quickly, some respond slowly. It is also necessary to find out whether they meet the measurement requirements.

6. What is the stability, reliability and service life of the instrument.

Other possibilities include interface types, whether digital or analog signals are required, and so on. After basically understanding the above aspects, it’s time to know what kind of vacuum meter to choose. Please feel free to consult us if you have any questions.

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