How to determine the model of screw vacuum pump

We should determine the model before using the screw vacuum pump, so what should we do? Here is how to determine the screw vacuum pump model:

How to determine the model of screw vacuum pump

1. According to the process parameters of the device, physical and chemical properties of the conveying medium and other parameters combined with the structural characteristics of the product and the applicable station, determine which series of pumps to choose.

2. Then determine the rated flow rate of the screw vacuum pump.

3. Determine its rated head.

4, then determine the rated motor of the pump.

5, check the selected series of pump profile, the corresponding flow, head fall in the box of which model, can be preliminarily determined to select this model, usually in different speed, may choose a model.

6. Check the performance curve of the preliminarily selected model and verify whether the necessary cavitation allowance NPSHr of the pump meets the requirements of the device cavitation allowance NPSHa.

7. Check the performance curve to check whether the rated working point of the selected model falls in the high-efficiency working area of the pump. The efficiency of the pump, speed (the lower the speed, the longer the service life) and price were comprehensively compared to determine the final model of the screw vacuum pump.

The above is today’s introduction, the screw vacuum pump model I believe we need to understand, so in the use of its time will be more conducive to our use.

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