How to read the figure on vacuum gauge?

For example 1.0 E -2; 2.3 E 3

Digital display vacuum gauge is widely used to obtain vacuum value in vacuum industry.

Here are two examples to help you quickly figure out how to correctly read the value of the digital display vacuum gauge.

Generally speaking, there are various units for vacuum gauge. Here we take “PA” as an example:

How to read 1.0 E-2 PA correctly?  

Before read, I need tell you that “E” stands for “10”, so E=10.

1.0 E-2 PA= => 1.0*10^ -2Pa =0.01PA.

How to read 2.3E 3Pa correctly?  

2.3 E 3PA ==> 2.3*10 ^ 3PA ==> 2.3*1000 = 2,300PA

So, please think about how to express atmospheric pressure?

The answer is 1.0 E 5 PA ==> 1*10^5 PA = 100,000 PA

Did you get that right?  🙂  🙂

How to read the figure on vacuum gauge?

Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology provides different types of digital vacuum gauges which vacuum range is from 1*10 5 to 1*10-5 Pa.

In addition, we also provide vacuum tubes with different diameters, according to customer needs, to meet different kinds of materials, such as glass, metal and so on.

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